Friday, September 16, 2011

Boob Tube Babble Friday!

Boob Tube Babble

I mentioned a while back that I have a lot of things recorded on my DVR (because life, and Rangers games, get in the way of my TV watching). Not complaining- I love life AND Rangers games. I look at it as having a full DVR means you have a life and not enough time to watch TV. :) So, you might be wondering what exactly I have on my DVR (or maybe you don't care- but this is my blog, I get to pick what I write about). :) So, in no particular order, here are some of my DVR recordings (I love my AT&T Uverse app, I can see my recordings on my phone). Some recordings are TV shows/specials and some are movies.
This is a special of the most candid conversations ever shared by Jackie Kennedy. Yes, I seem to have a fascination with the Kennedys (well, at least Jackie and JFK).

I also have a fascination with ghosts. I've been getting home late this week, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I can't watch this show after dark because I'll freak myself out. I have a few episodes recorded.

Yes, I'm a little fascinated with UFOs as well. 

This is a show on ABC Family that I found myself sucked into. It stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. I'm not gonna lie- it's a silly show. Not the kind of show I usually watch, but hey, it's like Clarissa Explains It All meets Blossom's Brother! Their season finale was this week.

Some show on The Weather Channel and this episode was about tornado chasing. You all know my obsession with tornadoes.
A girl in my carpool told me about this show so I've recorded a few episodes. It's basically a reason to sit and cry for an hour. This show documents surprise reunions of soldiers and their families.

A documentary on the real Indiana Jones that aired on the History Channel.

A special that aired on Sunday, hosted by Robert de Niro. This is footage that two brothers filmed on 9/11. They were making a documentary about a NY fire station and they were filming that morning. They captured footage of the first plane hitting the WTC. This is everything they recorded. I started watching it the other day. I need to buy more Kleenex. 

This was on TV a few weeks ago, I haven't seen this movie in years, so I recorded it.

Another movie I haven't seen in years- I used to have it on VHS. I should get the DVD.

This was a movie that Alyssa Milano made last year (I follow her on Twitter so she was telling everyone to watch it). I'm embarrassed to admit that I not only watched a movie on Lifetime, I actually liked it. It was cute, so I didn't want to delete it. If it comes out on DVD, I will delete it. 

Ocean's Eleven (the original one with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin)
I've been wanting to watch this one. Maybe I'll watch it tonight finally!

All of these movies aired on Turner Classic Movies. I like to record old movies I've never heard of, just to see if I will like them! These are the ones I haven't watched yet.
I Confess- This has an actor named Montgomery Clift (who was quite the looker in his day). It was also directed by Alfred Hitchcock, I love his movies!
Blue Skies- Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby are in this, it has to be good!
People Will Talk- I'll watch any Cary Grant movie!
Walk, Don't Run- Another Cary Grant movie I've yet to see!

I leave you with this picture my friend Tonya took last night while we were at the Rangers game (we had awesome seats near the dugout). She has given me permission to use it here!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! XOXO!

Rangers outfielder Craig Gentry. You have permission to sigh. :) Photo courtesy of my friend Tonya


  1. I seriously was so sad when I didnt have dvr for the jackie o special! I watched until my eyelids couldnt take it anymore.. i'm up by 5 everyone morning, and it was just too late for me! I wish I could come over and watch it with you!


    living your life is SO much better then watching tv, isnt it?

  2. Ack! Gremlins totally freaked me out as a kid. DH has tried to get me to watch it a few times but I refuse...I remember taking running leaps to my bed for WEEKS because I was afraid of Gremlins underneath it...

  3. Dude, I CANNOT watch Coming Home. I'd be a basket case. Lol. And I love the original Ocean's 11. It's actually very different from the original.

  4. I love ghost stories! I watch pretty much any ghost story show on tv- aside from the ghost hunter shows. Those are a little anti-climatic. Casablanca has its own special place in my heart, too!

  5. Coming home makes me cry so hard!!!