Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge- Day 1

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

My sweet friends Neely and Amber have come up with a FABULOUS Fall Blog Challenge, and I'm so excited about it!

Day 1: Fall Traditions

1. Rangers playoff baseball
Okay, so this is a new one that started last year. And I'm HOPING (possibly praying) it continues! The magic number is 6 people. It's still time- let's do this!

Outside the Ballpark with my baseball home girls before Game 3 of the World Series last year

A very happy Rachel after a Game 3 win. I like to say when I go to a World Series game, the Rangers win! ;)
2. The start of football season.
Okay, I'll admit, football does take a backseat if the Rangers are playing (baseball is my first love). But besides that, I love watching it! College, NFL, even high school. I'm looking forward to going to a Cowboys game in a few weeks with my friend Leaneth!

Me and my football home girl Leaneth at a Cowboys preseason game last month.
3. The State Fair of Texas (click here for info on it). 
It's the greatest state fair there is (in my opinion). Last year a friend and I took a half day at work and went in the middle of the week. It wasn't as crowded, so we might do that again this year!

The original head of "Big Tex".
This is Big Tex.

Riding the Texas Star (Ferris Wheel).

4. Decorating my apartment and office with fall decorations.

Outside my office area last year
5. Being outside and enjoying the (hopefully) cooler temperatures. 

Aunt Rachel at the Dallas Zoo last fall with her little Rangers fans!
6. The start of hockey season (can you tell I love sports?)
I try to go to a few Stars games a year. It's so much fun! And regardless what the Texas weather is outside, you know it will be cold inside the AAC! :)

With my hockey home girl Beks!



  1. Super sad that I'm gonna miss the fair. :( But the rest of this looks fun!! Can you come decorate my house for fall too? It looks kind of puny compared to your office. Lol. :)

  2. Love the decor in your office!

  3. Your office looks so cute! I love decorating for the seasons/holidays!

  4. So glad you're finally under 100 degrees down there! You look like you're having/had a great time. Always fun to read, Rachel. :-)

  5. Yes, we know you love sports:-) So terrific. You are probably the coolest chick I dont know, ha

    Love the new blog look as well

  6. If the Rangers (they will) go to the playoffs this year, I'm SO going to a game. I was disappointed I didn't get to last year.

    I LOVE your office area, so festive :)

    You're right.. our fair is the GREATEST!

  7. Playoffs and state fair holla!

  8. Neely has been trying to get me to visit Dallas for the state fair! I so need to check it out!

  9. So amazing you were able to go to the World Series!