Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings..

Oh so much to ramble about today! I hope you can keep up! I mentioned in a previous post this week that I've been watching season 1 of The X-Files on DVD (my friend has the whole series, I'm borrowing them one season at a time). I honestly forgot how much I liked that show. I remember in college we would get together on Sunday nights and watch The X-Files in the TV room at one of the guys' dorms. My friend was an R.A. and usually worked the weekend shift, he had control of the TV). I'll admit it. From season 1, I was a Mulder/Scully "shipper" (that means I wanted them to end up together- I just recently heard that term from a friend, and I can't believe I'm actually using it). Anyways, they just seemed so right for each other. Even in season 1. And man, David Duchovny looked so young back then!

Anyways, I've watched an episode or two the past few nights before going to bed (after the Rangers games). Note to self: I probably shouldn't watch The X-Files right before bed. I've been having weird "sci-fi"-ish dreams the past few nights.

Anyways, speaking of the Rangers (yeah, you knew I would work it in here somewhere), it's been an eventful start to the second half. A scary moment on Monday night during the game in Detroit. Dustin Nippert was brought in as a relief pitcher and got nailed in the head when Tigers player Austin Jackson hit the ball back towards the mound. Someone has uploaded the video to Youtube (knowing MLB, they will probably remove it soon, but here it is for now). 

If the video is no longer available, the Rangers have it on their website here. Thankfully Dustin was okay (I know it sounds like the announcer said Justin, but it's Dustin). He was even smiling as he walked off the field., which made everyone feel better. I know any other team would have done this, but I love how the Rangers gathered around him to be sure he was okay. It just shows how close the team is. Matt Treanor (the catcher) took about two seconds to get to him after it happened. Michael Young (who went and got the ball after it went into the outfield), ran over to him as soon as he could. As a precaution, they have put Dustin on the 15 day D.L. Thank God it wasn't as bad as it could have been!

Okay, a happier moment for the Rangers was on Friday night when catcher Bengie Molina became only the fifth player in Rangers history to hit for the cycle (sorry, for my "baseball challenged" readers, it means he hit a single, double, triple and home run in the same game). :) In fact, his home run was a grand slam that gave the Rangers the lead, and eventually the win, over the Red Sox (grand slam means the bases were loaded when he hit the home run).  Maybe I should make a baseball dictionary and link it up to my page! :) I can't find the video on Youtube of his triple, which completed the cycle, (I'm sure MLB has taken it down), but here is the link to the video on the Rangers website here. My favorite part was when Rangers commentator Josh Lewin said, "Pigs have flown in Boston, Massachusetts." Bengie is a great catcher, but he has a reputation of being "the slowest player in baseball" when it comes to base running (honestly, my mother, who is 73 and has a bad hip, could outrun him!) ;) I loved how the commentators were cheering him on to get to third base. They said his teammates were jumping up and down in the dugout, they couldn't believe it either! Go Bengie and go Rangers!! :)

A picture I took of Bengie Molina a few weeks ago at the Rangers season ticket holder picnic

So I guess I've rambled enough today. But, I did want to post this video I found on WFAA's website. If you aren't familiar with the story of the Chupacabra, click here before you watch the video (or it won't make sense). Have a great day friends! :)

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  1. Did you see Gillian Anderson in Dickens' Bleak House? I loved it - so much I actually bought the DVD! :-)