Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

If you live in the DFW area, or if you are an avid sports fan, I'm sure you've heard the story by now about the fan that fell 30 feet over a railing at the Rangers game last night. I wasn't at the game, but I did see it on TV. THANKFULLY the video on TV doesn't show the fan actually falling, just the reaction of the fans, players and umpire when it did happen. From what we are hearing, the fan, as well as the four fans he landed on, are  all okay (thank God). They say he was trying to catch a foul ball when he lost his balance and fell over the railing. Just a few weeks ago I was at a game and sat a few sections over from where the fan fell from. It is a very scary thing to think about.

I wasn't originally going to post this video, but since you can't see the fan actually fall, I figured I would go ahead and post it. Last I read online, the fan (who is a 25 year old firefighter from the Dallas area), is in stable condition at a local hospital. I'm still sending up prayers for him and the four other people injured in the fall.

Since I'm on the topic of baseball, I'm going to give one more push for the All Star game. Five Rangers players were chosen on Sunday for the MLB All-Star game, which takes place next Tuesday night.  

There is one spot left on the American League team and Rangers third baseman Michael Young is in the running for  it. If you have time, please submit your vote(s) here. You can vote an unlimited amount of times!! Even if you aren't a Rangers fan, Michael (and myself) would appreciate your vote!! I really think the Rangers should think of hiring me for all the publicity I give them on my blog!! ;)

For those not familiar with Mikey, here he is being interviewed by ESPN's Jim Rome (I can't embed the video, so click here for the video).  I **heart** you Mikey!! : )


  1. Hi Rachel, Thanks for commenting on Cranberry Morning. I've never heard of Marfa lights. Are those the lights from the stadium? ;-) I'm sure hoping we get to see Northern Lights this summer. I'm hearing that there's more solar flare activity on the sun so it's at least more hopeful.

  2. Just read the article you sent about the Marfa lights. That is just fascinating! I would love to see them. Personally, I think it's the ghosts of the Conquistadores. ;-) Maybe I'll get to check it out next time we're in Texas.

    Have a great day. It's sunny, mid seventies and a nice breeze here today. Perfect!