Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I honestly couldn't think of a good topic for my Thursday Thirteen today, so I am going to post 13 new pictures of my great-nephews "C" and "E"!

1.  "C" trying to golf in the pool while "E" makes an escape!


2. "C" helping with the pool. 

3. I bet that Meme got "E" this ballcap! That is where she went to school!

4. "God bless this yummy Blue Bell Popsicle! Amen!"

5."Are you ready for some football?"

6. "C" loves drawing on Meme and Pop's front porch!

7. "E" loves "f├╣tbol" too!

8."C" having fun at the zoo!

9. Future World Cup star!

10. He was probably looking at the elephants here- they are his favorite!

11. "E" after playing in the water with Aunt Rachel!


12. "C" after a day of fun at the zoo!

13."E" loves chillaxing in his stroller!


  1. What great pictures! I especially love your commentary on them!

  2. Thanks for the comments everyone! They are actually my nephews!! :) Gotta have kids before I can have grandkids! ;)

    Happy Thursday!!


  3. E's got a great, world-cup smile.

  4. All TOO CUTE! But that first one is the winner! How funny is that! :-)

  5. Hey! I gave you a blog award!! check it out here: I'll be back to read more, later!

  6. Such cuties. They are lucky to have you for an aunt!

  7. these have to be the sweetest little pictures:)