Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

I'm trying to get back into my blogging groove so I thought I would try out this new (to me) blog hop. Click on the button for more posts!

Never Ever Ever...

...will I turn down Chick Fil-A. It's true, even if I went there for lunch, if a friend asked me to meet them there for dinner that same day, I would so go.
The Chick Fil A cows were at the Ballpark a few weeks ago. I will never ever ever turn down a chance for a picture with them! :)
...will I take my time watching a TV series on Netflix. Anyone else have a habit of "binge watching" TV shows on Netflix? I'll find a TV show and watch one season in like two days (or less). True story.
Anyone else remember this show from the 90s? I used to love it. I had to watch all the episodes again! Don't judge...
 ...will I say, "I think I have enough pins on Pinterest." Seriously, it's so addicting!! Speaking of which, check out my boards here.

...will I not carefully explain to the guy cutting my hair how much I want taken off. He mistook "clean up the split ends" to mean, "cut off four inches." I'm starting to like the cut though (I wasn't too happy on Friday). It was a good cut, just shorter than I wanted.

The many faces of Rachel.
...will I complain about it raining in Texas in July. It's so rare. The past few days we've had so much rain. I've loved it!

...will I resist posting a picture of one of my adorable nieces or nephews!

Me and my new great-niece, K!
Hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. Mmm, Chick-Fil-A sounds amazing!

    I am loving all this rain too. Not complaining one bit!

  2. I'm right there w/ ya on Chick-fil-a only it is a lot harder for me to get there since we only have 2 in the entire state! I hope that changes soon. Yum!!

    I LOVE your hair. It looks very stylish and healthy!!

  3. Haha... hey, twin. I'm with you on Netflix (or DVDs). When I started watching Mad Men, I watched all of Season 1 in 2 days. When I started watching Gilmore Girls, I would watch like a disc a day (4 episodes).