Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

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Never Ever Ever...

...will I NOT enjoy a Brad Paisley concert. His concert Saturday night was awesome!
Lee Brice and Chris Young opened for Brad. They were great! 
View from our lawn seats 
Chris Young is there somewhere!
Me and Laura looking adorable in our cowboy hats!
...would I have believed that Geovany Soto would snap a Rangers four-game losing streak with a walk-off home run! Hello win column (finally!)

...will I NOT sigh when I see a picture of Luke Bryan. There is a reason he won my Men Madness Bracket! ;)

Luke Bryan playing baseball...even better. :)
...will I understand guys. Men always say that women are complicated, but I beg to differ- you guys are just as confusing. Yeah, there is a story behind this. No, I'm not going to share.

...will I NOT laugh at something that makes fun of Ford. :)

...will I pass up an opportunity to take a picture of me wearing a hat. :)

Me and my friend Monica wearing the giveaway fedoras at the Rangers game earlier this month.
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. First year to miss his concert tear :(

  2. First year to miss his concert tear :(