Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Twitter Tuesday

It's been a while, thought I'd let you know what you have missed if you don't follow me on Twitter (you can fix that by clicking here). 

Bickell, Pickle..it all sounds the same...
He scored either the tying goal or the winning goal, I can't remember.
My buddy Brian was in town for a week visiting. I had to introduce him to the greatness of Whataburger. He was very impressed. At least I think he was.
Me and Brian after our VIP tour of Cowboys Stadium. He was going through NFL withdrawals. Football is to Brian what baseball is to me. :) Funny side note: we didn't realize until later that we were both wearing the same shirts we wore when we went to a Cowboys game together last year. :)
Yes, THAT Steve Avery. The one and only. For those new to my blog, Steve was my first baseball crush. :) My friend Paul knows him and printed out this sign for Steve to autograph. He was nice enough to pose with it for a picture. Yes, I'm extremely giddy in this picture.

What? He was kinda cute...
Especially when I'm goofing off in a meeting and I'm on Instagram, and all of a sudden, a video starts. Sheesh.
God bless our troops! Past and present!!
One of our local media guys is a big Elvis fan. :)
Sadly, both came back up and we had to stay at work. :(
It was a sad day on Waltons Mountain...
Gotta love SyFy...
Of course I watched it. I never pass up an opportunity to watch a SyFy disaster of a movie. I did watch Chupacabra vs. The Alamo afterall!
And I did live tweet my watching of the movie. Yes, I realized I misspelled unbelievable. Either no one noticed or no one decided to point it out to me! :)
Seriously, Saturday mornings these days are awful!
True story...
This was after the Zimmerman verdict. Too much arguing and name calling going on, I had to distract people!
It was a relaxing day, I had the pool to myself! :)

No offense, but seriously, did we really need minute by minute updates? Just tell us when the baby is born. 
Again, true story. I never saw season 1 of this show, so these are all new-to-me episodes. :)

Hope everyone is doing well!! XOXO!!

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  1. Glad someone else is on the Dustin Ackley bandwagon!! He was my favorite player at UNC! :)