Monday, April 1, 2013

Mobile Monday and My Elite Eight!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a wonderful trip to see my family! It was so good to see them! :) Here is what's on my iPhone this past week.

Okay, I'm against texting/tweeting and driving, and I don't NORMALLY do this, but this stupid truck almost killed me (and a few other cars) as I was driving to my folks on Thursday evening, so I was trying to snap a picture of the name of the company so I could email them and report the truck later. There was conveniently no number or license plate on the back of the vehicle for me to call then. The company is Can-Fer. They will be hearing from me.
My dad puts the Texas flag outside his house every day (he's very proud of being a Texan). :)
E saw that Aunt Rachel was wearing her "superhero shirt" (as he calls it), so he had to change so he could match.
Just so you know, it took a few takes to get the above picture.
It's harder than it looks to get a three year old to cooperate when taking pictures! :)
E giving Aunt Rachel some lovin'.
We celebrated my mom's birthday this past weekend. C and E wanted to be in the picture with their Gigi and her birthday cake. Again, it takes a few shots to get the "perfect" one. :) Why yes, C is wearing his Texas Rangers shirt that Aunt Rachel gave him. :)
My niece's dog Odie. He has a hurt leg from when he got hit by a car a few years ago. He gets around okay and can still chase squirrels/birds with no problem. We noticed when there is a group of people (especially when there is food involved), he "plays up" his injury and starts limping around, looking for sympathy. :)
Enjoyed seeing some of my family this weekend!
E thought it would be funny to put his fake snake around my mom's neck. We showed him a picture from when my folks lived in Thailand and my mom had a REAL snake around her neck (for the record, she's crazy). Recap: Picture on the left, fake snake. Picture on the right, a VERY REAL snake.
My mom found one of my old books recently. Evidently I got this on December 6, 1985. I used to write my name and what day I got the book on the inside cover.
Who says 34 is too old for an Easter basket? Well, the "Easter bunny" couldn't find the basket, so it came in a sack.
Me and my niece Alice

My nephews hunting Easter eggs!
C with Aunt Rachel
Outtakes with C
E being silly. I love his duck lips picture! :)

March Madness Update

My Elite Eight! I know a few people will be surprised that Ian Kinsler beat out Joe Mauer. I've enjoyed hearing your picks, please keep them coming. My Final Four should be up by Thursday or Friday! :)



  1. Between E & C and Camden I have gone from wanting a girl to loving the idea of a boy.

    I am shocked I tell you, shocked that 2 Texas Rangers made the Elite Eight. This bracket is just full of surprises!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Your niece's dog is cute and I love the pictures of you and E! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Wow-- the boys are getting so big!! What are you going to do when it's Shemar Moore up against Craig Gentry??

  4. Your parents lived in Thailand!? When? I would love to go there for a vacation!!! Looks like you had a good weekend with the family!!