Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness Finals, Blog Challenge, and some Baseball...

I have SO much to cover in my post today, I'm not sure where to start. Due to my EXTREMELY busy weekend at The Ballpark in Arlington, I did not have time to update my blog (so I am a few days behind on my challenge). I'm gonna try and play catch up today and tomorrow so by Wednesday I'll be all caught up.

Blog Challenge Update

Day 5: The meaning behind your Twitter/Instagram name.
Thankfully, it's the same name so I only have to explain once. My handle on both is "Averyfan", named after the great Braves pitcher of the 1990s Steve Avery. If you hang out with me enough, you will probably hear me say, "for the love of Steve Avery". If you hang out with me long enough, you will find yourself saying it (true story, just ask my friends!) :)

Day 6:  What are your favorite quotes?


 Day 7: Screenshot of your desktop or lock screen.
My lock screen and wallpaper on my iPhone
Like I mentioned before, I spent the weekend at the Ballpark, so three guesses what the majority of my Mobile Monday pictures are going to be!! :)

Tailgating with friends before the game!
This is a view from my season ticket holder seat. I sat there on Friday (Saturday and Sunday I had other seats).
The first pitch was thrown out by Robbie Parker. His daughter was one of the victims at Sandy Hook. He's from Texas originally and he and his family are big Rangers fans.
I love the flyover during the National Anthem.
Baseball buddies
The Academy of Country Music Awards held a contest on Instagram/Twitter. If you took a picture with a "Flat Luke Bryan" or "Flat Blake Shelton" and posted it with the hashtag "FlatBluke", you were entered to win a prize package. Winners are announced this week. These were my three submissions (yes, I'm a nerd).
Pictures from Saturday's game
More baseball homies!
Believe it or not, I did more than just watch baseball this weekend. Saturday night my friend Robyn and I went to see Jurassic Park 3D. I remember seeing the movie in the theaters 20 years ago when it was released. I probably hadn't watched it in maybe 15 years. It was still good!! :)
My Sunday view at the Ballpark. I texted my Aggie sister that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel threw out the first pitch.
Some of my baseball besties...
Always love meeting my Twitter peeps at the game.
I told Chance this was my new favorite picture. I also told him I'm just using him for his son Cam (who is the cutest thing ever). ;) Thanks for letting me share this one on here Chance! :)

I know you've all been waiting for it. My picks for the March Madness Championship Round. I have to admit, I was even a little shocked at my final choices. I filled out my complete bracket before I started posting about this a few weeks ago (so I have enjoyed when people thought they knew who my picks would be and I was surprised some of your picks were the same as mine). So, here you go...

**insert dramatic music here**

I KNOW that my Twitter peeps are going to be in shock that Craig Gentry got eliminated. I myself was a little shocked. It happens though. I will announce my March Madness Champion on Wednesday!



  1. Yay baseball!! And holy smokes. I'm shocked at your final two. SHOCKED.

  2. Both of the Supernatural boys are from Texas - Jensen is a Dallas boy, and Jared is from San Antone. Even Bobby is from the big D.

  3. I'm guessing LB will win it all! :)

  4. I love your Twitter story:) Now, I want to know more about Steve Avery!