Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday and My Sweet 16 Picks

It's OK...

...that I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep (I should be used to it by now).

...that I don't want to work today. Since we are closed tomorrow for Good Friday, a lot of people took today off, so I'm hoping it's a pretty quiet, uneventful day.

...that I was a little bummed we only had ONE new episode of Duck Dynasty last night instead of our normal two.

...that I am impatiently patiently waiting until 7:05pm CST on Sunday night!!
...that I'm about to bombard you with a bunch of baseball pins from Pinterest!

...that I'm so bad about mailing things. I've had something for sweet Miss E in Canada for almost a month and I keep forgetting to send it. I PROMISE to mail it this weekend!! :)

March Madness Update

This keeps getting more difficult each round deciding which guy to eliminate (I think I'm putting too much thought into it!) :) Anyways, we are down to the Sweet 16. I'll try and have my Elite 8 up on Monday!

I know a certain person is going to be very upset with the elimination of Ian Somerhalder. He was no match for Jensen though, sorry! :)
I hated to get rid of Mark-Paul Gosselaar (I'll always be Team Zack).
Let's be honest, are you SURPRISED that three out of the four remaining athletes are baseball players? :)
God bless country music, that is all I have to say! :)
I will do my best to post tomorrow from my folks house! If I don't get a chance to, I hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed Easter!



  1. I thought my DVR had malfunctioned and briefly yelled at it in my head when I noticed only one new episode of Duck Dynasty last night. These things shouldn't be happening so close to a holiday! ;)

    Oh, and I just started reading Willie and Korrie's book! :) Duck Commander Family.

  2. Another baseball fan? A girl after my own heart! New follower right here!

  3. I'm so jealous that you are off tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend at your parent's house. And YAY for baseball season!!!

  4. Haha! I laughed at loud at the Yelling at the TV. I was thinking of all the times I sit at the ballpark screaming "Get out! Get Out" "Stay fair!" Or "Go Foul" I can't wait until next FRIDAY!!

  5. LOVE all the baseball pins, naturally. :) Only a few more days.

    Re: "Duck Dynasty" -- I heard the people on it are demanding $200K per episode or there won't be another season.

    If it comes down to Ryan Gosling vs. Craig Gentry, you're going to call a tie, aren't you?

  6. Hope you enjoy your day off and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I hope you had a great weekend lady! Love that "Opening Day ... to what" jpg! :)