Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Loving and Blog Challenge Day 3

I'm loving...

BASEBALL!! It's back y'all! I've missed watching baseball. I've missed talking baseball with my Twitter peeps. My timeline has been full of baseball talk the past few days, it has been great. I'll be at the Rangers home opener on Friday, I cannot wait to get back to the Ballpark.

I bought nail polish for the home opener! For those asking, I got it at Party City in Dallas. $3.
Victoria's Secret has a MLB line, I bought a few shirts last week! And maybe some other Rangers items, but I'm NOT posting pictures of those on my blog (or anywhere else)! :)
I tried to get a picture of me last night wearing the tank top, but it didn't turn out all that great. This was sans makeup, so I apologize for my appearance.
I'm loving...

Yu. No, not you (well, I do love you), but right now, I love Yu Darvish just a little bit more. He pitched a gem last night. He was one out from a perfect game. One out. ONE OUT. What is it with the Rangers getting within one out of something BIG and it going terribly wrong? Sorry, I'm over it. Oh well, regardless, Yu had 14 strikeouts and the Rangers won 7-0. That means Dallas peeps get half off their order on today (just use the code RANGERS7). And I was happy to see the Rangers bats come alive after that embarrassing opening day performance on Sunday.
I'm loving...

My friend Chance. He's so sweet. Even when he's home sick, he still sends sweet text messages. He has the flu and texted that all that coughing should give him a six pack. I responded that I wanted to catch something that would tone my legs and flatten my stomach. His response was sweet. 

Gotta love this guy!
I'm loving...

A free trial of Amazon Prime. I finally got one of my gift cards from Amazon (courtesy of my anniversary at work), so I placed an order for a few, okay, five, items (all free to me- weehoo!) I was eligible for a free trial of Amazon Prime. It means I got free two day shipping. My stuff should be waiting for me when I get home today! I have a reminder on my phone calendar to cancel Amazon Prime within 30 days so I'm not charged for it.
I checked this like twenty times to be sure I removed any personal information before posting it! :)
Blog Challenge Day 3: Post a picture of you and your friends

Okay, you know I couldn't just post ONE, right?? ;)

 Have a great day!! XOXO!!


  1. It is pretty scary! We are seperated at birth by differnt mothers and fathers and like...8 years but are the good side of me. HEHE!

  2. I meant that as a response to the comment you left me on my blog, obviously. Thank GOD you posted pictures of us so everyone can tell we are NOT the same person. I have enough Twitter personalities! Really!!! lol

  3. So not only do you get Friday off from work but you get to go to Opening Day!? Awesome!! It will be great I'm sure. Mon is opening day for us.

    Rangers undies!? TMI! Haha

  4. Oh gosh the end to last night's game was heartbreaking. Obviously yay for the shutout win, but poor Yu! Donny's still upset about it today. Lol

  5. sans makeup...that's funny