Monday, April 22, 2013

Mobile Monday and Blog Challenge Update!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was fantastic. On Friday night I went out with my friend Landon. He and I are terrible about getting together, but I told him now that I live closer to him, we have no excuse not to meet up more often. He was a real trooper and watched the Rangers game with me after we ate dinner. I told him one of these days I'm going to make him go to an actual game! :)
Pretty sure this was his reaction to having to watch the game. ;)
I once again found myself waking up at 7am on a Saturday. How I miss the days where I could sleep in on Saturdays. Saturday afternoon I finally made it back to the Ballpark after being away from it for so long (okay, 10 days). I met up with some Twitter friends for a tailgate party before the game- it was great to finally meet some of my Twitter peeps in person!

The game was awesome, despite that fact that we almost froze (hey- 63 degrees, in the wind, is pretty chilly to this warm-blooded Texan). :) I got to see my favorite guy Cam, and his dad Chance. ;) I even got hugs from both of them! I'm a fan of hugs. Oh, and the Rangers won 5-0!
Yeah, so that guy in the weird mask and costume, I have no clue who he is. He's at every game though. I think he tries to get the crowd to cheer. Honestly, he kinda scares me a little.
After the game Monica and I were walking back to her car and we ran into my friend Lisa and her boyfriend. They had been in the Capital One Club and evidently some drunk guy got out of control and was being detained by police. He was resisting arrest and the cops had him pinned to the ground. For some reason, that entertained us for about 20 minutes because we kept watching. I kept waiting for them to use a taser on the guy, but it sadly never happened. My friend's boyfriend did snap a picture (hey, if you are going to get drunk in public, then you should realize people are going to take pictures and put them on the internet, that should teach you).
Arlington's finest had it under control!
Sunday after church I may or may not have gone to Target. And I may or may not have bought the following Rangers items. I have no self control!
Okay, so the shirt is actually a kid's size, I just found one that was XL. It was really cute!
Love these!
Blog Challenge Update:
With everything that happened last week, I didn't feel updating my challenge everyday was appropriate. I'll catch up today and tomorrow on it!

Day 18: A TV show that you have recently become addicted to.
I honestly didn't think I would watch this show, but I caught the first two episodes via Time Warner On Demand and have been watching it ever since: Bates Motel. It's hard to call this a "prequel" to Psycho because it's set in modern time, I mean, Norman Bates has an iPhone. But it is loosely based on the Hitchcock film. It's really weird, that is the best way to describe, YET, I can't quit watching it. It's on A&E on Monday nights at 9pm Texas time.
Day 19: A picture of your room.
Okay, I just posted this last week, but here it is again!

Mordecai is rocking his Rangers do-rag!
Day 20: A picture of you as a baby.

I know, I was adorable, right? :)

Day 21: What were your favorite childhood toys?
I had so are just a few...

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!



  1. Is there a door in your bedroom that leads to the outside? We loved many of the same toys as kids. Except I was not a big fan of Barbie. 63 is not cold. We'll be lucky for it to be in the 60s in June when we go to the game here! It can be really crappy some years in June. Hoping for great weather in honor of your visit.

  2. a baseball fan you say :)

  3. I just LOVE that you meet up with twitter friends at the ballpark. Sounds like a blast!

    And yes, you were an adorable baby!!