Monday, February 6, 2012

Medieval Times

So last week a friend and I went to dinner at Medieval Times in Dallas (thank to free tickets she got through her work). If you have never heard of it, click here for more info (I could retype all the information, but I'm lazy).

The front doors

When you go in the main door, you are given a card with a color and a number on it. The color is the section you are in (and the color of the knight you are to cheer for) and the number is the row. You are also given a crown that is the color of your section. The main doors opened at 6, but they didn't let us inside the arena until about 7:15, so we sat around in the "main hall" area while we waited on the arena doors to open.
Waiting to go inside, looking cute in my crown.
Ryan Gosling wouldn't stop calling me- doesn't he know I need a Girls Night Out every once in a while? He's so clingy. ;)
At this point we were about to break down the door because we were so hungry. 
For those of you who have never been to Medieval Times (this was my first time going), they serve the food one course at a time. But here's the kicker- there is no silverware (or plastic-ware). So, you have to eat with your hands. Yeah, kind of barbaric, but I guess that is how they ate back in those times. The food was pretty good. I don't really like soup so I passed on the tomato bisque (remember, no spoons, people had to drink it out of the bowls). The chicken they served was really good (but really messy). 
Our seats
The menu
We were in the blue section (Casa Valiente) and thanks to Lyn's awesome tickets, we were on the front row, so we had good seats of the "tournament". The knights participated in different games, sword fighting and jousting. Sadly, our Blue Knight was eliminated during the second round of jousting, but we still had fun cheering him on.
This guy was kind of like the master of ceremonies, he did a lot of the talking.
Our Blue Knight!
Waiting on the games to start
Playing one of the games
Getting ready to joust
This was at the end of the show when all the knights came back out for a "curtain call".
I'm glad I got to go, it was fun, thanks so much Lyn for the ticket!! For those of you interested in going sometime, save up. I looked online and adult tickets are $59. Children tickets are $39. Looks like I will only be going when I have another free ticket! :)

Happy Monday lovelies!



  1. We have a place like this in Boston but I've never been. Just doesn't seem worth the money for what you get! But glad you got to go for free!!!

  2. We went to Midevil times in California and in Las Vegas- it is so fun! I don't think there is anything better than dinner shows, ha! And that Ryan Gosling comment was priceless- you are so cute!

  3. Love it! Such cute pictures! My friend Liz loves that place. Looks like you & Lyn had a blast,

  4. That looks like so much fun, Rachel! And that crown? You are definitely destined for royalty! :-) Harry. Tell that other guy to get off the phone so Harry can call you!♥

  5. I went to Medieval Times when I was younger- and I LOVED it! Such a good time for kids! I think I would love it now too! But $59 is a little much for my frugal budget!