Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's OK Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... be looking forward to a Friday evening with NOTHING to do! be counting down the days until my trip to Arizona for Rangers Spring Training (34 days and counting!)

...that I may or may not have gone five months between oil changes.

...that I plan on stopping by Best Buy after work and picking up this DVD (don't judge).

...that I wish the Super Bowl could end in a scoreless tie because I don't like either team.

...that I'm excited because Dean Cain is going to guest star on Criminal Minds next week.

How I miss Lois and Clark!

...that I am responsible for friends becoming addicted to Pinterest.

...that this song makes me tear up a little.

What's OK with you today??



  1. Five months??? Um, I don't think that is okay. Lol. Of course, with your carpool, it's not like you drive it all the time. So, it may be a little okay. Hahaha.

    Oh, Hey Dude! I completely forgot that those were coming out!

  2. I loved that show as a kid! Great song!

  3. Hey Dude? Really!?
    I think you should pull for the Pats since you have a friend in Boston!! They are going to win anyways!

  4. That song makes me tear up a lot. Reminds me of a friend I lost almost six years ago. I wonder what her life and our friendship would be like now.

  5. OUCH on the Super Bowl...
    WOW hey dude... It was one of my favorites.
    ENJOY Arizona...

  6. I'm counting down to your trip too because that means we are a month closer to Opening Day.