Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worst Date Ever...

I decided to link up with my friends Neely and Amber today for their Fabulous Valentine's Challenge.  

Day 2: Worst Date Ever.

Valentine’s Day Challenge

It's sad, but I had more than one to choose from. The finalists were:

-The guy who was so arrogant he almost made Gaston from Beauty and the Beast look datable (Monica and Katie: YOU know who I'm talking about).

-The guy who couldn't understand why I wasn't impressed that he made a lot of money or that he drove a Porsche. Evidently girls were normally impressed with that information. I just said, "oh, that's nice." Author's note: Hello, I'm a Texas girl, I'm more impressed with trucks than sports cars. Duh. ;)

But I think the winner is this one guy from a few years ago. Some friends and I were joking around one time talking about online dating, and for some reason, despite me being really opposed to the idea, we decided to sign up on this one dating website. Author's note: I'm not saying there is anything wrong with online dating, it's just not really for me. This date did NOT help change my feelings about it. And yes, I deleted my account soon after this.

So anyways, after exchanging messages with this guy for a few weeks (through the website's "messaging system"), I agreed to meet him at some restaurant near where I worked at the time (for the record, he did not know my last name or where I worked. Yeah, I'm just paranoid careful like that). His profile said he was an attorney and that faith and church were a main priority in his life (this is important information you will need to know later on). He also had on his profile that he liked sports and movies, so I figured we would have some things to talk about.

First issue: While we are waiting on the appetizer to arrive, the first question he asked was, "So, why didn't it work out with the last guy you dated?" Um...really? That's the FIRST question you are going to ask me? I would think "What's your favorite color?" "What kind of movies do you like?" "What sports do you like?" Really? You asked that as your first question on the first date? I don't remember how I answered, but I was tempted to say, "Because the first question he asked me was, 'Why didn't it work out with the last guy you dated?'" But alas, I left my sarcastic side at home that evening. 

Second issue: We started talking about our jobs. At that time I did customer service for a finance company so he asked me how I liked it, how long I had been there, etc. I asked him about his work. Remember, he was an attorney. Well, turns out he was an (unpaid) intern at the attorney general's office, but he was hoping to one day BE an attorney. So yeah, he was unemployed. Not that there is anything wrong with that, times are tough these days, but still, don't try and lie about it.

Third issue: He asked me about church and what kind I went to, how long I had been going to church, etc (yeah, preacher's kid here, so I was pretty much in church anytime the doors were open). I asked him what kind of church he went to (because you know, his faith and church were SO IMPORTANT to him). His response, "Oh, I haven't been to church in years, but I keep meaning to go back." That's cool, but if you don't GO to church, it's not a PRIORITY in your life. Just saying.

In his defense, he did like sports, although he wasn't a huge baseball fan (RED FLAG PEOPLE, MAJOR RED FLAG!!!) It was at this point in the date I excused myself, went to the bathroom and sent an S.O.S text to my bestie telling her to call or text me soon so I would have an excuse to leave. Oh, yes I did.  

Fourth issue: After he walked me to my car, I did the polite, "It was nice to meet you, have a great life night," speech, and the guy tried to kiss me. HOLD ON PLAYA! First date, just met you, keep your lips to yourself. Author's note: Now, if Shemar Moore asked me out, a kiss on the first date would be TOTALLY acceptable. ;) Anyways, he did the whole, "Nice to meet you, I'll call you soon" speech (and I was secretly praying he was just being nice and I would never hear from him again). 

Fifth issue: My drive home was maybe 20-25 minutes (and yes I was paranoid and made sure he wasn't following me. WHAT? I watch a lot of crime shows, I know how bad the world can be!) I had just opened my front door when my phone rang. It was HIM (for the life of me I can't remember his name, I guess I've blocked it from my memory). He was like, "I had a great time, I hope to see you again soon, you are really awesome." Now, I'm a nice person. I wanted to tell him I had just made a decision to become the world's first Baptist nun, but I was like, "Yeah, you too. I'm just really busy for the rest of my life next few weeks." I was hoping he would forget about me. The guy texted me 10 times a day for the next week. Finally (after ignoring him for a few days hoping it would all just go away), I had to let him know I wasn't interested. He just wasn't getting the hint. He was like, "oh, that's cool, but if you change your mind, give me a call." I was like, "sure" and then I immediately deleted his number. I know, cold-hearted, sue me. So yeah, that's my worst date ever story. 

Photo Challenge Day 31: You, again- I promised one of my blogging friends (I forgot who) that I would post a picture of me when I had really blonde hair. This picture is about 9 years old. I look so young. And so blonde. This was taken in New Mexico (I think). I was on a really high bridge (I don't like heights, hence my look of fear).

Have a great day my friends!



  1. Hehehehe-- I love this story. Lol. For the record, I'm of the opinion that if you don't WANT to kiss the guy on the first date (whether you actually do or not may be a whole other story), then it's probably not going to work out. You know if there's chemistry or not on that first night.

  2. Great story. Stick to your values and one day the right man will come along.

    A father of three grown daughters.

  3. Oh my gosh! That sounds like a terrible date, an amusing story to tell later on but terrible in the moment. Hope the SOS text saved you a little!

  4. TOOO funny!! You were obv totally hot to this dude hence why he wouldn't stop contacting you!

    I agree - dating sites are seriously hit or miss.

    Actually I take that back. ALL of my online dating experiences were pretty horrendous in one way or another!!

  5. Haha great story! Even though it didn't work out, it made for great blog reading though! (o; Ah, the silver lining!

    I did the online dating thing back in the day, and it was a total hit or miss for me too. I had a couple FABULOUS first dates for real, and there were a couple that went terribly wrong. My WORST ever was in college and he came to my campus to meet. I took one look at him and told him I wanted to get my jacket and I never went back. TOTALLY horrible of me, but let's just say the picture he sent of me was SO not him and it freaked me out!

    Anyway, thanks for the fun share! (o:

  6. Rachael - what a great story; sorry it's a true story. Two big lies and you are the unfortunate one who has to deal with a bunch of annoying texts. I'm still smiling however because we've all been there!

  7. I like the blonde hair. Interesting stories.

  8. You crack me up, Rachel. Such a funny post. The Shemar Moore part is my fave!