Monday, January 30, 2012

Oak Ridge Boys Recap

As you all know (unless this is the first time you've ever read my blog, and if so, welcome), last Thursday my friend Monica and I went to the Oak Ridge Boys concert in Allen! It was a great concert, we had a lot of fun! They sang some songs from their new CD (yes, they have a new CD), as well as some of their biggest hits. And of course, everyone stood up and sang "Elvira" at the end of the concert. :) 

Our view of the stage. Not bad for $12 tickets (thank you Groupon)!
Waiting on the Oak Ridge Boys to take the stage!
Thanks to my friend Monica for letting me use the following pictures on my blog today!
Joe Bonsall
Richard Sterban (he sings the Oom pappa, oom pappa, oom pappa mow mow part of Elvira)
Duane Allen and William Lee Golden

Photo Challenge Day 28: Light
My baseball lamp
Photo Challenge Day 29: Inside Your Fridge
Okay, not really my fridge. But it's a nice thought! :)
Photo Challenge Day 30: Nature
I could use some nature like this!! :)
Have a great Monday everyone!!



  1. Looks like a fun concert!! Love that lamp. :)

  2. The Oak Ridge Boys are still singing Elvira? LOL - it looks like you had great fun and I do like the Oak Ridge Boys!

  3. Looks like you had great seats. Glad you had fun!