Friday, January 27, 2012

Boob Tube Babble

It's been a while since I linked up with Neely for Boob Tube Babble. Today her post was on her love of Bad Boys of TV (check out her post here). I decided this week to devote my post to my favorite detectives, wanna be detectives and crime solvers (seeing that I'm obsessed infatuated passionate a fan of crime shows). 

1. Jessica Fletcher, Murder She Wrote: I'm thinking this started my whole mystery/crime show obsession. I used to watch this show with my folks. A retired teacher turned mystery writer turned crime solver. Anyone else ever wonder why no one accused her of all these murders? It seemed no matter where she went, whether staying at home or on vacation, people died. A little suspicious if you ask me. ;) Regardless, I love Angela Lansbury. I found this interview from a few years ago of her talking about her role as Jessica Fletcher. :)

2. Dr. Mark Sloan, Diagnosis Murder: This was another show I watched with my folks. Being a huge fan of Mary Poppins and reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show on Nick at Nite, I was excited to watch any show with Dick Van Dyke. Dr. Sloan was the head doctor at Community General Hospital, but in his spare time he helped his detective son Steve (played by real life son Barry Van Dyke), solve crimes. Fun fact: The character of Dr. Sloan was actually introduced on an episode of Jake and the Fat Man. Author's note: I don't watch Grey's Anatomy but while searching videos on YouTube it seems there is a character named Dr.  Mark Sloan on that show. Too funny.

3. Greg Sanders, CSI: He's a "lab rat" turned field agent but he's one of my favorites on CSI. He's so nerdy, but loveable! I found this clip from the episode where he got beat up trying to help save a man's life. It made me miss Grissom!!

4. Eric Delko, CSI: Miami: Let's just be honest here, Adam Rodriguez makes crime fighting look good ;) I like his character who tries to act all tough, but deep down he's just a sweet guy.

5. Detective Don Flack, CSI: NY: He works closely with the crime lab of New York. I think he sometimes brings some "comic relief" to a very tense show. Again, being honest, if I have to get arrested, I really hope the cop looks like Eddie Cahill (NOT that I'm planning on getting arrested or anything)! :)

6. Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS: He's the leader of the group who at times is tough and unemotional (I guess in his line of work you have to be), but deep down his team is his family. This is one of my favorite scenes!

7. Hetty Lange, NCIS: LA: She is the leader of the group, spending most of her time in the office while her team is out in the field. She's tough and keeps her team in line, but I think she is hilarious! She's great!

8. Shawn Spencer and Burton "Gus" Guster, Psych: I know, it's a comedy, but they are crime solvers too!! :) 

9. Patrick Jane, The Mentalist: I always felt like I was cheating on Shawn and Gus by watching this show, but I like it. Patrick Jane can drive his coworkers crazy, but in the end, he's usually right. 

10. Detective Seeley Booth, Bones: Granted, a month ago I had never seen this show but after a week of nothing but Netflix, I am now caught up on it. I really like his character. He's tough and his personality clashes with Dr. Brennan's, but they work well together. :) 

Photo Challenge Day 27: Lunch- I met some friends for lunch at Chick Fil-A today. Yummy!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I promise to recap The Oak Ridge Boys Concert on Monday!! :)



  1. i can always expect great clips from you my dear:) i thought the girls nana was the only one that said, "the BOOB tube!" hilarious

  2. I used to love Murder She Wrote!

  3. Psych is the best! I love it :)