Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Baseball Time In Texas...Well, Almost

If you read my blog at all last week, you know that Rangers Fanfest was held this past weekend at the Arlington Convention Center. Some friends and I went on Saturday (it was a three day event). We had so much fun! My friend Aaron and I were there when the doors opened at 9a (he actually got there at 8, I sneaked in line with him when I got there at 8:30).

Obviously the players can't sign autographs for everyone (12,000 people attended FanFest over the three days), so they only allowed 225 people to get in line for a certain player's autograph (they sign for an hour). You didn't know who was signing (or where) until an hour beforehand so you kinda had to guess if you wanted to stand near a certain area or not. They announced signing times and locations on the big screen and TV screens around the convention center. If you were one of the first 225 to that line, you could get an autograph.

This year they had certain players whose autographs were done lottery style (these were the most popular players). They handed out different cards when you walked in the door and an hour before the signing time, they announced the winning numbers and those people were able to get in line for that particular autograph. On Saturday the lottery style autographs were Nolan Ryan, Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton. I already have autographs from Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler, but have never been able to get Nolan's (His Nolan-ness, as I call him). FYI, click on Josh's and Ian's name for the posts about me getting their autographs. So anyways, about 10am they put up the winning numbers for Nolan's autograph on the TV screens. I never dreamed I would have one of the winning tickets. But, I noticed that one of the numbers on the screen matched mine. I'll be honest, I squealed. I even made three people verify I read the numbers right. Happy, happy Rachel. Author's note: If you don't know who Nolan Ryan is, first, please don't ever tell me that, and two, Google him. :) This was a VERY big deal to this Rangers fan! What is really funny is that my friend Leaneth ALSO had a winning ticket (our friends couldn't believe we both won).

Could my smile be any bigger?
Leaneth's winning card!
Getting closer...
Nolan signing my baseball (thanks to my friend Aaron who gave me a baseball to have signed. Silly Rachel forgot to bring one).
Shaking hands with His Nolan-ness (thanks SO MUCH Leaneth for getting this picture! Squeal!)
My Nolan autograph. It is now in a protective case in my sports room.
I was only able to get a few other autographs (sadly one was NOT Craig Gentry because his line was full by the time I got there), but I didn't care. Getting Nolan's autograph made the day a success! I will HOPEFULLY get more autographs when I go to Spring Training (yes my friends, it seems I'm going to Rangers Spring Training out in Arizona in March.) My friends Tonya, Ashley and I have already bought tickets to two of the games (right by the dugout)! I just need money for the airline ticket now. :) If you would like to make a donation to the Rachel's Spring Training Trip fund, please email me! ;)

I didn't get as many pictures as last year at FanFest, but here are some anyways!! Enjoy! :)

Fanfest crowd listening to Nolan answering questions
Me and my friend Aaron with the American League Championship trophies
Me with Leaneth and Julie, waiting to get Kevin Mench's autograph (he's a former player)
Kevin Mench (super nice guy)
Me with my baseball homegirls and the Rangers mascot, Captain
We got to meet Jon, our awesome ticket rep!
The Texas Legends (who race around the field after the 6th inning) were also there. I got a picture of Davy Crockett- my favorite Alamo defender! :)
So, between meeting Nolan and planning my Spring Training trip, I'm on baseball cloud nine right now. Wahoo!! Have a great day friends!



  1. Looks fun! Yay for the Nolan Ryan autograph for you and Lyn!! That's awesome. :)

  2. Sounds like fun! I heard a lot of good things about the weekend. Now that FanFest is done, the guys have 2 more days to sign Darvish. It already feels like baseball season.

  3. Ah Rachel - you are definitely in your element!! :-)

  4. I am so SO happy for you- what a lucky girl! I am a bit sad though that I don't still live in AZ- I love spring training games, we could have met!