Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 DBC- Day 10 (and happy anniversary to my folks)!

First of all, I wanted to start my post by wishing my parents a VERY HAPPY 55th wedding anniversary today!! I'm excited I'm going home this weekend to visit them. Love you both!!

Instead of retyping everything, I'll give you links to past posts about them. :) Click on the name to go to the post.

Here is one from last year: Happy Anniversary to my Folks

Here is a newer one I posted last week, in case you missed it, here you go: 30 DBC-Day 4

You are now returned to my regularly scheduled blog post already in progress...picking up on Day 10 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge...

Day 10: Something you are afraid of.

Bugs (creepy crawlies)
Spiders (if I EVER see one this big, I think I might faint)
Snakes (I can't even look at this picture without getting chills)

Whatever THIS is! I was hoping this picture was Photoshopped, but it's not. EEK!

Have a good day!!



  1. Eeeekkkk!! You need to put a warning on this post!! Hahaha.

    Happy anniversary (again) to your parents!! :)

  2. "Whatever this is..." ha! You cracked me up with that one! I would add alligators to this list if it were me. That spider is not even right...