Friday, August 12, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football! And 30 DBC- Day 12

In case you haven't noticed, I love baseball (I know, you are shocked). Now, being the Texas girl that I am (who has three brothers), I also like football (Sundays in my house involved church, then football). My love for football is no where near my love for baseball, but it is definitely second on my sports love list. Yesterday my friend Leaneth and I got to go to the Cowboys first preseason game of the year (yes, a PRESEASON game, but hey, it's still football, kind of). ;) 

Cowboys Stadium..or as I call it, Jonestown. It looks like a spaceship.
Thanks again to my friend Leaneth who scored some AWESOME free tickets. I owe ya girlie!!
The "C" on the section stands for club level. This will probably be the ONLY time I'll ever sit in club level. 

In case you can't read the price of the ticket, here's a closer view. Remember, this is a PRESEASON game. The fact someone would pay this much for ONE ticket, let alone, a PRESEASON game, blows my mind. I could get a 20-25 pack of Rangers tickets for this much.

Before entering the gates, we had to go through security. It wasn't quite as violating as a TSA scan, but it was close.

We got there about an hour and a half before kick off, so we killed time by taking pictures.

We were able to get close for some pictures
The man in the dark jacket is Super Bowl champ and former Denver quarterback John Elway
Trying to get a picture of Tim Tebow (15) for my friend Katie!
After taking some pictures at field level, we headed to our seats. It seemed like every 15 feet there was an usher checking our ticket (they really don't want people up in the club level who aren't supposed to be). Unlike Rangers game where you can sneak to another section, I don't see that ever happening at a Cowboys game (unless you bribe an usher).

The seats at club level were very comfortable and cushiony (wait-is that a word?)

Our view
We noticed that we always have our hands on our hips. Not sure why.
Cowboys taking the field

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) hugging a fan who was picked to receive a signed jersey.
The big screen makes my new 32 inch flat screen look so tiny.
The "Jerry-tron" (as it's called) is a little distracting. You almost forget to watch the game on the field.
A Tebow picture for Katie!
Another Tebow picture for Katie!
Since it's preseason you can't really say it was a great game. If you have never seen a presason game, it's like a practice but with two teams (they need to see who should stay and who should be cut from the team). It also gives the team a little practice against someone besides their own teammates. But with the crowd that showed up, you never would have guessed it was only preseason. The Cowboys ended up winning late in the 4th quarter (not that it matters). But...wahoo!!

On to my 30 day challenge for the day...

Day 12: What you believe

I. Believe. This.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm heading to my folks after work, so I might not be able to get online again until late Sunday, early Monday. Be safe and stay cool!!



  1. Yay for Tebow pics!! :) It's funny how the jumbotron looks even bigger in these pics than it did in person. Lol. That's crazy!!

    Oh, and us girls stand that way in pics because it (supposedly) makes you look skinnier. :)

  2. Im soooooo jealous of you going to the game!