Wednesday, August 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 3

Day 3: Your first love

I was 5 years old....
I know, adorable, right?

And I was in love with him....
Ricky Schroder
Silver Spoons was my favorite TV show. It came on Saturday nights at 7:30. His character had a train in his house that he could ride from room to room (I always wanted that in my house). I also wanted the duck phone. I remember I had to go to bed after it went off. (Hey, 8:00 was pretty late for a 5 year old-especially since I had to get up early on Sunday mornings for Sunday School and church). On a side, kind of related, note: I did get caught kissing a boy under the slide in kindergarten who looked a lot like Ricky Schroder (I guess was just using him). ;)  Let's just face the fact that I started being boy-crazy at an early age. And I've been crushing on celebrities since 1983. :)

And yes, Ricky is still pretty good looking today! ;)

For those who don't remember Silver Spoons, I leave you with this.



  1. No, I definitely don't remember this show. Although it makes sense since I wasn't born until 1983. ;) And yes, he's still pretty good looking!

  2. I used to watch this all the time! My sister had the same crush! Just didn't remember the theme song being that bad, but hey, it was the early 80's! :)

  3. OMG i was in love with him tooo

  4. Your comment about using him cracked me up-you are too funny!

  5. Why was there no mention at all of Alfonso Ribiero (aka Carlton Banks)?