Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 DBC Day 25 and It's OK Thursday!

So, notice something different today? Yeah, I redesigned my blog (just a little). Hope it turned out okay! :)

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs (to hear the song, click on the name).

1. Fishin in the Dark: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
2. Who Are You When I'm Not Looking: Blake Shelton
3. Pour Some Sugar on Me: Def Leppard (most of you are shocked I have Def Leppard on my iPod, aren't ya!) ;)
4. You Are Loved (Don't Give Up): Josh Groban
5. God of Wonders: Third Day
6. I Want It That WayThe Backstreet Boys (and I'm not afraid to admit it!) :)
7. What If His People Prayed: Casting Crowns
8. Bubbly: Colbie Caillat
9. She'd Be California: Rascal Flatts
10. I Can't Help Falling in Love With You: Elvis Presley

I'm linking up again with Neely and Amber for "It's Ok Thursday".

It's Ok... spend your lunch break redesigning your blog.
...that the Rangers have lost a few games. There is still a whole month left to play. eat peanut butter out of the jar at your desk. order off the kid's menu when you go out to eat. leave your clean laundry spread out on the couch for a week because you are too lazy haven't had time to hang it up. write reminders on your bathroom mirror because you will forget otherwise. wish that the vehicle in the HOV lane with only one person in it would get pulled over by the cops. yell at that same car in front of you who is going 30 MPH in the HOV lane. wear earphones at work when you are not really listening to anything, just so you won't be bothered. sit and cry while watching videos on be counting down the hours until your four day weekend.

So, what's OK with you today? Link up with Neely and Amber!
We are almost to the weekend my sweet friends!! Hang in there! XOXO!


  1. Blog looks good! And yes, it's totally okay to eat pb out of the jar at work. I do it all the time. :)

    And it's NOT okay that the rangers have lost to the red sox! Otherwise, I wouldn't care. ;)

  2. now I'm craving a jar of PB too. and sitting helplessly at my desk without any :( maybe some def leppard would help ?

  3. Earphones good idea!! :)

  4. Love the blog :) And I love eating PB outta the jar! Thanks for linking up girl!