Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Commercials

First of all, congratulations to the Green Bay Packers and their biggest fan in the state of Texas, my nephew James, on the Super Bowl win last night. I think somewhere in Lubbock my nephew was having a "sports cry". No, we don't know why he's a Packers fan, but I'll give him credit, he's been a Packers fan since he was about 5 years old (he's 20 now). The last time they won the Super Bowl he was 7.

Me and my nephew James at his first NFL game in 2007 (outside the old Texas Stadium). Yes, he really wore that cheesehead the whole time!
I know a lot of my readers are not as big into sports as I am, but, even my friends who hate sports enjoy the commercials during the Super Bowl. I thought I would post some of my favorite ones from last night.

Volkswagen Using "the Force":
(yes, I posted this one last Friday, but it is still great. And it was my favorite one of the night!) Go here to read an article and see a video about the kid who played Darth Vader!

Best Buy Bieber Fever:
(this made me laugh. Gotta give Justin Bieber "props" for making fun of himself!)

Doritos Pug Attack:
(what can I say, I love pugs!!) :)

Bridgestone Carma:

Fast and Furious 5 Trailer:
(okay, it's not a "real" Super Bowl commercial, but I did enjoy this one! Um...Paul Walker and Vin Diesel back together again. It never gets old!) ;) I'm already planning a Girls Night Out to see that movie in April! Who wants to come along? :)

I also wanted to post a few of my favorite Super Bowl commercials from over the past few years.


Etrade Baby:
(I love these commercials!)

Clydesdale Donkey:


  1. On the commercials, I found that I liked several of them while a lot of people complained. I think one of my favorite ones was the VW/Darth Vader one. I also liked the 2nd one with Eminem. I couldn't tell at first if it was a commercial for Detroit in general, or just for Chrysler (kidding), however I thought it was pretty classy. Speaking of Eminem, I thought the 1st one(the tea commercial) was pretty spot-on and I laughed pretty hard when "claymation Eminem" was in the studio and they had to edit most of it out. Honorable mentions for the Doritos/pug and Bridgestone/beaver ones-quite funny!


  2. OH! I almost forgot, I wanna see "Fast 5" as well. Like I said last night, "I've seen the previous 17(or however many) Fast & Furious movies, why stop now??"


  3. I missed a lot of those commercials, but I loved the VW one! Of course I'm a VW driver myself...

  4. I loved the Darth commercial, it was by far my favorite! I can't wait to see the FF5, ah Vin, it's been too long! Hope you have a great week and I hear from you. We need to chat, it's been to long! ♥ BJ

  5. From one cheesehead to another, congratulations to James. Be sure to tell him that here in Wisconsin we don't really wear our cheese, we eat it. LOL (Actually, I guess they do at Lam. Field)

    Thanks for the comment on the tornado cake. Wasn't that awesome!

  6. The pug one was funny. And the VW beetle. But I got sort of distracted in the 2nd half and missed a BUNCH. Thanks for sharing these so I could see them! :)