Friday, February 4, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

First of all, I had to post this video. I posted it on Twitter the other day. I swear this kid could be my nephew Andrew. He LOVES Star Wars!!

My nephew- Darth Andrew
Rachel's Log: Day 4 
So yesterday the weathermen kept telling us we would have a light "dusting" of snow. Possibly 1-2 inches in some areas. The snow was suppose to start sometime after midnight. About 10 last night I looked out the window and saw snow already starting to fall. Something woke me up about 12:30 (I would later realize it was my neighbors going in and out of their front door). I looked out to see what was going on and they were taking pictures in the snow. The ground was completely covered at that point. I woke up about 6 and called the  office's bad weather hotline- we were closed for the third time this week! Yeah snow day! At last check, we had about 5-6 inches of snow on the ground. The snow was suppose to stop by late morning, but it's almost 1:30 and it's still coming down at a pretty good pace.

I have been out of Dr Pepper since Tuesday and am trying to work up the nerve to either drive or walk to the gas station next door to my apartment (well, it's about a half a block down the road). I'm telling you, cabin fever has taken over!!

So, anyways, thought I would share a few pictures of my snow day.

My truck covered in snow.

Looking cute in the snow!

The pool has frozen over!

I uploaded more pictures on my blog's Facebook page. Go here to see them!

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



  1. Wow! That is crazy!!! But oh so beautiful. I'm praying the snow stays a blessing and doesn't get too irritating for you!! It's 75 here by the way...haha. But I do wish our season changed a looot more! :) Have fun in the snow

  2. It looks pretty! I could go for some snow here-- today it's just cold and rainy. :) While snow days sound good to me, I don't think I would appreciate four in a row... Glad to hear you're hanging in there though!

  3. Beautiful! Well from my cozy office looking out my window at the sunshine and 70 degree temps, that snow sure looks beautiful! LOL Enjoy your 3rd snow and should you decide to venture out to the gas station, may the force be with you! ;)

  4. We're on day four of snow. With more in the forecast on Sunday. And on Wednesday. Do you know, I am starting to hate snow????

  5. Love the last photo especially! That is just WRONG. Snow is not for Texas, for Pete's sake. Have a great a snowman. :-)

  6. Yes, you do look cute in the snow! I can't believe the pool is frozen like that...too funny:)

    Love you,

  7. OMG, I can't believe you all got that much snow, that is nuts! I'm glad to see you were all bundled up. I hope you have a great weekend friend! ♥ BJ

  8. You got a few more inches of snow than I did, I think. I wish the snow had come first, that way I would've enjoyed it more. The ice storm really turned me off to the snow when it arrived. On a brighter note, the pic of you "Looking cute in the snow!" had the ideal caption under it!