Monday, February 14, 2011

Baseball loves

In case you are new to my blog, I'm am obsessed infatuated passionate a fan of baseball. I thought in honor of today, I would list a few of my past and current baseball loves. Let the record show that I love baseball for the sport that it is, I can't help that good looking guys decide to play it! ;)

Steve Avery: 
Yes, he is the Avery behind the Averyfan in my Twitter account and my blog address. Go back  in time with me to the early 1990s. Before MLB network and online streaming of sports (yes kids, I remember life BEFORE the internet), you watched whatever baseball was on TV. Since I didn't grow up in Dallas, the only baseball that was on all the time was the Braves on TBS and the Cubs on WGN. I started watching Braves games (honestly because TBS was the first channel I came across). There was a young pitcher named Steve Avery. He quickly became one of my favorite players. I know, he didn't live up to the potential he had when he was young, but hey, everyone needs a fan. I may, or may not, have 103 Steve Avery cards in my baseball card collection. ;)

Steve at the Braves alumni game last year-if he plays again this year, I'm so taking a road trip!

Chipper Jones:
I heard an interview with Chipper not too long ago and he was talking about how he's been playing professional baseball for almost 20 years. I felt old because I remember him being a rookie. Again, following the Braves introduced me to Larry Wayne Jones, Jr, or, Chipper, as he is lovingly called. I can't explain my attraction to him, but he gave Steve Avery some competition as my favorite Braves player! :)

C.J. Wilson:
It's no secret that I have an on-again-off-again crush on Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson (right now it's on). I think he is absolutely adorable in this picture! :)

Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Salty): 
Last year was a great year for the Texas Rangers. Sadly in the middle of the season we traded one of a fan favorites (at least among some of my female friends). We miss you Salty! He will be back Opening Day when the Rangers face the Red Sox (speaking of which, got my Opening Day ticket last week- wahoo!) :) **happy dance**

Jeff Francoeur (Frenchy):
Being a Braves fan, I knew Frenchy when he was in Atlanta. The Rangers traded for him mid-season last year. We loved him, he was great (and despite me not being a fan of guys with facial hair, he pulled it off quite nicely). Sadly, we didn't keep him, he went to the Royals. I'm smelling a road trip to Kansas City this summer to see him play! :) I know he's not in a baseball uniform here, but he looks sharp in this picture! :)

Ian Kinsler: 
I know some guys who will even admit crushing on Ian (names will not be used to protect the guilty innocent). :)

Ian holding my hand last year when he was playing in a game in Frisco. Okay, he was handing me back my pen, but it looks like he's holding my hand! :)
Joe Mauer: 
As a Rangers fan, I feel guilty having a Twins player on here, but Joe is a hottie!! :) Leave Minnesota Joe, come to Texas....


I love this commercial of him! ;)

Josh Hamilton:
I love Josh for the Godly man that he is, but he is a cutie too!! :) My mom loves him as well!

Tommy Hunter:
Another Rangers pitcher- he is absolutely adorable. And he is such a goofball!! :)

Dirk Hayhurst:
I discovered Dirk through his book The Bullpen Gospels (which is awesome- even if you don't like baseball, I think you will enjoy this book). It's his adventures through the minor leagues. I follow him on Twitter- he is great!! If you want to follow him on Twitter as well, go here. He used to be with the Blue Jays, but is now with the Tampa Bay Rays. Tweet with him and discover the greatness of The Garfoose!

Hope everyone has a great day!



  1. I knew the answer! :) YEAH today, it really does look like he's holding your hand. Love all the pics and am soooo glad Pitchers and Catchers report today. It makes me sooo happy it's baseball season. I can't wait to share a pic with you, I have a few! :) Have a wonderful day and Happy V-day friend! ♥ BJ

  2. oh my goodness..yay another baseball girl :) i grew up in chicago as a cubs fan and now live in nebraska...where there is no pro ball! boo! i don't get to talk about my love for baseball much. happy to find a girl that appreciates the good looks of baseball as well :) xoxo

  3. MMM Frenchy! <3 I love him! I am a hardcore braves fan! Javy Lopez will always be my alltime favorite though!

  4. Especially love that 'holding hands' photo. :-) Ya know, when I was young I had a shoebox full of baseball cards - all the current guys (okay, so I'm ancient!) which would make me a very wealthy woman today - if I still had them. My mom threw them all away when I was out of the country for a year! WAH.

  5. I remember those days. My grandfather was a HUGE Braves fan, and I fell in love with David Justice. I had probably just as many of his baseball cards (I collected him and Nolan Ryan :)). Sadly, I have no idea where they are now.

  6. What no love for the Red Sox?? :)

  7. Oh my, I am so happy to know where Averyfan comes from! Fun!

  8. I first have to say that I love, and I do mean LOVE this blog. I think it's awesome that you became a baseball fan because it was on TV-everyone has their own story! I began to really like baseball starting with my first trip to the Ballpark. When I was in the 6th grade the student Pastor at my church took me to my 1st game. It was the highlight of everything, lol. I put a note on Facebook a while back explaining when I began to love baseball. It was then that all other sports I was fond of took a backseat. On CJ, I've been a supporter of his for a very long time. In '08, when he had the bone spurs and the semi-blowup with Wash on the mound, a few of my friends were ready for the Rangers to rid themselves of him. I was steadfast in my support. Turns out, they were wrong! I was happy for CJ and the success he had last year, hope he continues it this year. Great blog!!

  9. NOOO Mauer needs to stay with minnesota!! HAHA I'm a Twins fan- got the jersey and everything :) I love this post :) Found your blog through scenic glory!

  10. Although, I'm not ashamed of my Ian bromance, thanks for holding off on mentioning me in the Ian bit. LOL!

    Most of the ladies in Chicago swoon over Tyler Colvin. If you take a look and you may have to include him in your follow up. LOL!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I am HUGE baseball fan, too. We were SUPPOSED to be on the field for my wedding pics but they happened to be painting it for the WS so I don't guess I can complain. One of my really good friends is now a camera guy down at your stadium. His name is Phil Isom and is probably in the outfield (at least that is where he was at Busch). BTW, who doesn't love Josh Hamilton? Glad to hear you guys signed him!

    April@Party of Five