Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings and Blog Journal Day 22

I'm going to be honest. I haven't had the best week. Work has been, well, quite a bear to tell you the truth. I try not to complain too much about work issues (because let's face it, in this economy, I'm happy to have a job). But seriously, the past week it just seems like everyday has been a "Monday".  Thankfully, it's not just me (I know, it's a horrible thing to say, but I'm glad that I'm not alone in my suffering of a bad week). Through Facebook and Twitter status updates, it seems a lot of my friends are having a week of "The Mondays". I'm hoping it ends soon. I'm starting to feel like Eeyore! 

On top of the bad week, my allergies have gone haywire (again). I have a doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon, so hopefully I can get something then that will help me out. Benadryl is nice, but I can only take it a night. Does anyone else get the Benadryl hangover the next day? I have some friends that get really hyper off of Benadryl. Not me. It knocks me out. Then the next day I'm in a "fog". **sigh**

Now to be fair, my week hasn't been all bad. A friend of mine had preseason tickets to the Stars hockey game last night, so we went to that. And he was very sweet and treated me to dinner first. We ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant (have I mentioned I love Italian food?) I'm pretty sure I gained 20 pounds, between the appetizer, spaghetti AND pizza. Oh yes, I was quite the little piggy). The food was amazing (and I had leftovers for lunch today). My friend's season tickets are three rows back from the ice, so we had the following view. I'm spoiled for life now! My regular nose bleed section tickets will never measure up! :)

Number 10 is Brenden Morrow, he's the Stars team captain. One of my hockey crushes- just don't tell my friend Bekah! ;)

Yes, I like hockey too. I promise I won't talk about it as much as I do baseball, but I might mention it here and there. Speaking of baseball, the Rangers sure know how to toy with my emotions. Sheesh, they've lost three in a row and are only 7 games up in first place now in the AL West. Can we please just clinch this bad boy and get it over with so I can get some sleep at night? Hopefully C.J. Wilson will show me tonight that he does love me and pitch a good game. And hopefully the team will give him some run support. Their hitting/scoring the past few games has been P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. And we still won't know for another day or two if Josh Hamilton will be 100% by the end of the season or not. I don't even want to think about it. I'm too nervous. Yes, I get too emotionally involved in baseball, I can't help it. Blame my Bubba! :)

  C.J. Wilson, pitcher for the Rangers. He's my on-again-off-again baseball crush, I can't make up my mind! :) I seem to have a "thing" for pitchers though! ;) (See past posts about Steve Avery)

Josh Hamilton- the Rangers MVP (most valuable player). He's one of my favorites! Love him!

Oh wait, I was concentrating on the positive stuff from my week. Sorry about that!  My A.D.D. kicked in. :) Another "pick me up" this week has been from you guys. No, I'm serious! I absolutely love the sweet comments (or emails) y'all leave me. Is it sad that I get all giddy when I see I have a new comment? I'm like, "oh, they love me enough to comment! I feel so special!" :) Thanks guys, seriously, y'all have made my bad week better by showing me some love! : ) Love you guys! Hugs to all of you!! :)

I'm hoping the next two days can go by fast. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend (yes, can you believe it. I'm not overbooked). Besides a birthday dinner for a sweet friend on Saturday night, and then a movie afterwards, my weekend is going to be pretty lazy. I think I've earned it! ;) My next few weekends are packed so I need to rest up! :)

Day 22: A website
I was trying to think of a funny website to lighten up the week some (and one that wasn't sports related, I'm sure some of you get tired of the sports talk). I'm going to list two. These always have pictures that make me laugh. They are called Stuff on My Mutt and Stuff on My Cat (click on the name to go to the link). You will see the cutest/funniest pictures that people have uploaded of their pets. I know some people are more of a "dog person" than "cat person" or vice versa, so I wanted to be fair. I'm listing both of them!

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. As always, we are halfway through the work week (can I get an AMEN??) Make it a good one friends!



  1. I'm quite the Red Wings fan. Can we still be blog-friends? ;)

    I love getting great seats, but then it makes it hard going back to watching with the commoners.... sigh. (Just kidding. Well, not about the great seats, but about everyone else being a commoner.)

  2. Benadryl knocks me out too...hope u feel's that time of year...ughhhh! time to feel sick all winter long! Gross-thankfully the week is almost over and you can relax with a nice birthday for her:) enjoy! i know you will!

  3. I am sorry you are having such a bad week. It will be the weekend soon! I used to love going to the Stars games when I lived in the DFW area. We have a minor league ice hockey team here and it is pretty fun but nothing like the majors. I am off to check out the dog and cat site you mentioned. It looks super cute!

  4. I hope next week will be better for you. It sounds like you had as rough a time as the cat in the bunny ears.