Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In loving memory of Jack...

Eleven years ago today, my brother-in-law Jack lost his battle with cancer at the age of 38.

Dear Jack: 

I miss your laugh. I miss your bear hugs. I miss you constantly flipping through the channels even though you knew you would end up on the Weather Channel. I miss the way you would yell at the Cowboys games (FYI, your sons have picked up on your yelling at sporting events). I miss how you could sleep soundly in a room with 8 screaming kids, the TV blaring and people talking all around you. I miss you trying to convince me the noise I heard was a "barking spider". I miss being called "your favorite blonde". I miss your constant opinions about my dating life. I miss you making fun of me for liking the Braves (and Steve Avery). I even miss you rolling your eyes. I miss the way you loved my sister unconditionally. I miss the prideful look on your face when someone complimented your children. I miss your smile of courage and faith the last time I saw you. I miss not being able to say goodbye.

I'm forever grateful for the years we had you. I'll cherish the memories always but I'll miss the ones we never got to have. I love you and miss you daily.

Your favorite little sister

Your loving family...

...You would be so proud of them.

We love you.

Jack S.: November 18, 1960-September 29, 1999.


  1. WHAT a beautiful letter.

    Praying for you and his family. I am sure every reunion is hard.

  2. aww this is such a sweet letter!!

  3. Rachel, what a sweet post and wonderful tribute to your brother in law. We can never forget those who have meant so much to us. God bless you this day as a bitter sweet reminder.