Friday, September 3, 2010

I Love Long Weekends And Blog Journal Day 3!

Sorry I'm late in the day posting this. I'm at my parents' house for the weekend and I had to take my mom to the doctor earlier today (some of you might remember she had shoulder surgery last week). She is doing good, the doctor took out her staples. She is still in a little pain, but the doctor gave her pain medicine and said she should start feeling better soon!

Welcome to any new visitors stopping by today!! Hope you enjoy your stay. :)

It's Five Question Friday time!

1. What do you do when you have time to yourself?
I usually find myself reading when I get free time. I love reading!! :)

2. When you look out your kitchen window, what do you see?
I don't have a window in my kitchen, it's kinda in the middle of my apartment. But I can see the balcony doors from my kitchen. When I look out of that I see the empty field across the street from my apartment complex!

3. Who/What would you want to be reincarnated as?
It's not something I believe in, so I haven't given it any thought. I think one time on this earth is enough for me, looking forward to heaven and not having to worry about all the "earthly" problems!! :)

4. What is your biggest pet peeve about other people's kids?
I don't have kids, so I don't know if I'm allowed to answer this. But I'm going to go with rudeness. I see so many kids talking back to their parents in public. If I had "sassed" my parents growing up (whether in public or at home), I would have been knocked into the next week. It's like some parents forget who is the child and who is the grown up in the relationship. If your kid talks to you that way, how do they talk to other adults? Teachers? How will they talk to their future bosses? But that is just my two cents! Take it or leave it! :)

5. Regular or Diet soda?
Regular all the way! Or as my mother calls it, "the hard stuff". I figure if I'm ordering a hamburger and fries, a diet soda isn't really going to make the meal any healthier!! ;)

On the way home from the doctor's office, my mom wanted to stop at the store to pick up some Dr Pepper for the weekend. This is what we ended up with. I hope it's enough (oh yes, she is the source of my Dr Pepper addiction!) :)

Day 3: Favorite television program:

This is another one where I can't just pick one. I seem to be addicted to crime shows. But there are a few comedies that I watch as well! :)


CSI: Miami



Criminal Minds

The Big Bang Theory



Have a great weekend y'all!! :)


  1. Looks like you & your mom already cracked into the Dr. Pepper!!! HAHA! :) Couldn't even make it home!

    Have a fun weekend!

  2. All that Dr. Pepper is making me thirsty!

    I agree with you about kids and rudeness - or just plain anyone and rudeness. It's like an epidemic these days!

    Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  3. I kids know better to ever speak to me in a any way that i hear some kids....and its respect! you raise your kids to have respect, manners, morals...etc...this is funny because we were walking into target last night and this lady was yelling at her kids on the way out to the car.
    Off topic kinda-sorry
    I'm really the type to say something under my breath really loud so I get out with my girls and say who is she yelling at and Hannah says her kids mom, she's yelling at her boys. i didn't like what she was saying to them...ughhh...parents make me mad too!

    so yeah i say regular soda all the way too....whats the point of drinking it if it's diet and tasteless. :)

  4. btw: sorry the whole kids thing threw me off guard....hope your moms recovery goes well. i can totally relate because Bry had it several years ago, it's one of the worst surgeries ever...he still hurts..:) best wishes

  5. You were the first person I thought of when Jim Parsons won his Emmy last weekend... did I already tell you that?

    Hope you have a great long weekend!

  6. Ohhh have you seen the Criminal Minds episode with Jackson Rathbone in it? He did such a good job!