Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend recap and Blog Journal Day 13

Happy Monday my friends! If you aren't a sports fan, please bare with me to the end of my blog today (or skip down until you see the blog journal logo). So, how long has it been since I've mentioned the Rangers in my blog? Okay, not that long. BUT, I have to brag on them today. As I've mentioned in the past, I'm a Rangers fan: For better or for worse, in wins and in losses, in the rain, unexpected cold  fronts and the Texas 100+ degree heat, until death do us part. I've been a Rangers fan pretty much my whole life (you can thank, or blame, my brother David for that. He got me interested in baseball). :) I have suffered MANY bad seasons with the Rangers. But this season has been one of the greatest seasons to be a Rangers fan. I honestly think that the new ownership of Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan has lifted the cloud of doom that has lingered over The Ballpark for the past many years. We have hope. It's the third week of September and sports radio is still talking about the Rangers instead of non-stop Cowboys talk (and after that pathetic Cowboys game last night, I don't want to talk about them. They deserved to lose. There, I said it. I'll post about how Coach Wade Phillips sounds like Hank Hill from King of the Hill another day).

Anyways, moving on. Back to baseball. This past weekend MY Texas Rangers swept the New York Yankees. That hadn't been done in our Ballpark in 14 years. This was big. If you are a Yankees fan, let me have this moment. I saw this post on Twitter yesterday: "The Rangers have a $65 million payroll. That's only three Yankees players." That made me laugh. It's true though.

Oh, and the "claw and antler" shirts are finally on sale. I went by The Ballpark on Saturday and got mine! For non Rangers fans who don't understand the "claw and antler", check out the explanation here.

front of the shirt

back of the shirt

I'm supposed to go to the game tomorrow. I will proudly wear it! :)

Video about the claw

Day 13: A fictional book

Haunting Rachel by Kay Hooper 

Ten years ago Rachel Grant's fiancé, Thomas, disappeared. His body was never found. Now there's a stranger in town, a man who could be Thomas's twin-or his ghost. His name is Adam Delafield. He's been watching Rachel for days. He has the locket she gave Thomas before he vanished. And he says he owed her father three million dollars. But there's no record of the loan-or a shred of proof that Adam is who he claims to be. And he's always nearby as accidents begin to threaten Rachel's life. Is he an innocent man who only wants to repay a debt? Or a figure from the past with a score to settle? Rachel must expose lies and unravel stories, find out who wants her dead and why...before the next attempt to kill her succeeds.

I love this book. It was the first Kay Hooper book I read. I've read it three times! :)

Thanks for hanging in with me for a long Monday post. Hope everyone has a great week!!


This post is dedicated in loving memory of my friend Mr. H. You will be missed sir. It was a pleasure and honor to know you and call you my friend! Thanks for the memories. Rest in peace.

Mr. H

October 13, 1949-September 12, 2010


  1. Over from Meet & Greet Monday, I was drawn by your blog name! I love random blogs. Enjoyed several of your posts and am now following you!

  2. Sorry about the loss of your friend!

  3. Cool shirt. :-) Sorry about your not-so-green thumb. Plastic plants deserve to die anyway. ;-)

  4. awww.... r.i.p ! so sad! i don't like when people pass!

    your such a dedicated fan! i think they should pay you big bucks for every mention! where do we submit these posts!:)