Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving...
That I got to spend time with my BFF Mandy last weekend! After five months of talking about it, we finally took our trip to Houston for the Supernatural convention. Even though the convention was fun, just being able to spend alone time with the BFF was worth the trip (she has two little kids, alone time never happens for her). :)

Her husband had roses delivered to our hotel. He also convinced the hotel to upgrade us to a suite room at no extra cost (he did this while we were driving to Houston, we didn't know until we checked in that he did that). He was very understanding seeing that she was spending Valentine's Day with her best friend and two actors instead of him. :)
This sign in the hotel lobby made us laugh. I wonder if the good folks of Miracle House of Prayer knew that the Supernatural convention was for a TV show, and not actual supernatural stuff. :)
First celebrity sighting of the convention was the Impala. I'm not sure if this is a car actually used on the show, but they had it all decked out as if the Winchester really drove it
We were able to hear Jim Beaver's (Bobby) panel. Since he's not a regular on the show anymore, he doesn't go to all the conventions, so it was cool to hear him speak
Rob Benedict (Chuck) ran down the aisles and went right by our seats
So the only main reason we went to the convention was to get a picture with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Do not ask what we paid for this trip- we will lie because we don't want to be judged. It was worth it though. Even though the whole photo op process took less than 20 seconds, BUT, I did shake their hands, Jared acknowledged that he liked my shirt (it is one of his Always Keep Fighting campaign shirts), and the picture turned out better than I expected. (I was convinced for the four hours that it took for them to print out all the pictures that I had closed my eyes). Lol.

It really was a golden ticket! Lol
Waiting for our number to be called for the photo op 
We were both kinda wondering if the convention was worth it, until we saw how well our picture turned out. :) We also heard them speak during their panel. The guys are super nice and really seem to appreciate their fans.  

I'm loving...
That I got to meet up with one of my fav Twitter peeps last week. He owns the location that was hosting a Dallas Stars watching party so I stopped by. 
One of my fav Twitter peeps- Jerry! :)
That night two former Stars players were signing autographs so while I was there, I decided to get pictures and autographs with the two hockey players (I didn't want to be rude). :) Okay maybe that was the main reason I went by in the first place. :)

Former Stars goalie Marty Turco
Former Stars captain, Brenden Morrow
Slowly adding to my hockey memorabilia. Yes, I once convinced an usher to give me the "STOP" sign that they use at games while the puck is in play. :)

I'm loving...
That Lucy Holliday, the author of the book I reviewed here yesterday, replied to my post on Twitter. If you missed my review, check it out here. She retweeted it and her publishing company also responded.

What are you loving today?


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  1. That picture of you ladies & the guys from Supernatural is SO awesome! I love it! It looks like you had an amazing week. :)