Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Review 2016: A Night In With Audrey Hepburn

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A Night In With Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday

My wonderful niece-in-law Jennifer tagged me in a post about this book a few weeks ago on Instagram. I had never heard of it before then, but this is me whenever I see or hear anything about Audrey Hepburn.  

I was intrigued. I immediately went online to see if it was available for check-out at the library near my house and I was sad to find out that NO branch of the Dallas Public Library carried it. After a search of local bookstores, I found a Barnes and Noble not TOO far from me that had the book in stock, so I "forced" myself to make a trip to buy a copy. I possibly bought two other books besides this one while I was there. I have no self-control in a bookstore.

First of all, this is a work of fiction. I don't want to lead people into believing this is some sort of biography of the great Audrey Hepburn by the title. This was a fun book to read, even if you AREN'T a die-hard fan of Audrey (like I am). The protagonist, Libby Lomax, in a kind-of-wannabe-actress who would rather spend her evenings at home watching Audrey Hepburn movies than be out socializing (I can relate to that-except being an actress part). When Libby goes through a life and career crisis, Audrey all of sudden appears next to her on the couch, ready to give her some much needed advice. What Audrey fan WOULDN'T like that?

I love how the author makes Audrey "come alive" in her writing. The stuff that Audrey says in the book is written in the style that Audrey would have said it. I could "hear" her voice in the dialogue. Libby is a likable character and next to Audrey Hepburn, I would say my favorite character is Libby's reliable best guy friend, Olly. I will admit to laughing out loud throughout the book, the characters are really great (even the ones you want to dislike).

This is a fast read (or at least it was for me) and is the perfect read for a weekend or vacation getaway. It's a simple plot (I don't mean that in a bad way, I just mean it was easy to follow). I will admit, it starts out a little slow, but it picks up quickly. I like the author's writing style.

This is book one of a trilogy, I look forward to reading Libby's further adventures with classic Hollywood movie stars (book two has Marilyn Monroe in it).


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  1. This sounds like a fun read! I will have to check this one out...