Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Craft Project: Superhero Coasters

When I was younger my grandma taught me how to cross stitch using plastic canvas. I've posted a few of my cross stitch projects before (check out here and here). I'm determined to get back to working on craft projects (the last one I did was in November- you can see it here), so after finding some cute cross stitch patterns online, I decided to make some coasters for a friend of mine (as a late Christmas present). 

I found the patterns for these coasters here (thank you Kandy Kreations for sharing the pattern).

These were fairly simple to make- and didn't take me that long. I started on a Sunday and finished that Wednesday. I worked on them for a few hours in the evening while watching TV- I can multitask! :)

Getting started: I cut 6 squares 28 x 28 holes (each coaster needed a backing).
For Superman, I stitched the blue part first before moving on to the "S" logo
I was able to read the pattern off of my iPad (instead of printing it out)
I did the Batman logo first, and then filled in the background
The pattern for this one was a little difficult, just because she used a white slash to present the white yarn, and since the background was also white, it was harder to see. I had to carefully count the stitches
I started late the night I worked on this one, so I had to finish the next day
To add the backing, I just lined up the canvas pieces and stitched around the top and sides
The final product!
I posted this picture on Instagram and I now have people wanting me to make coasters for them. Who knew they would be such a big hit! :) Oh, and my friend loved his superhero coasters! :)


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