Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Product Review: Young Living Essential Oils

**I received sample products from a Young Living Essential Oils representative for testing purposes only. I returned all products after three weeks of testing. I did not receive any free products or any other compensations for this review. This review is solely my opinion and no one else's.**

If your social media feed is anything like mine, I'm sure at least one of your friends has mentioned essential oils. Most of my friends have been fans of Young Living Essential Oils and their products. Until I did this review I had NO CLUE there were so many other essential oil companies out there. I personally had only heard about Young Living. Maybe that's a sign they are the best one since more people talk about it? That is only an observation, I'm by no means stating that as a fact. :) But here is some information I found about Young Living (for those who don't want to do the research).

A few months ago I was contacted by someone who is a representative for Young Living Essential Oils. She asked if I would like to test out the products for a few weeks, JUST to see if I liked them. She didn't ask me to sign up to buy anything or even commit to writing this review of the products. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try them out (since I've heard so much about them), so I agreed and she mailed me a kit that included a diffuser and some oil samples.

I received the kit around the time I was decorating my place for Christmas, so I decided to test out the diffuser while I was home decorating. She had included some nice "Christmas-y smelling" oils (that were not included in the kit), so I tried those first. I made sure to check the instructions on the diffuser before I started (they are pretty simple, nothing complicated at all- I like things that aren't complicated).

I used regular tap water and it worked fine. I don't think it HAS to be distilled water
I will mention when it says to use 8-12 drops of the oil, be sure that you don't over do it on the oil. The drops come out kind of fast, so you have to really watch and count how many drops you use. The first time I think I used too many drops, so the mist smell was a little overpowering for a bit (but that was user error, not the fault of the diffuser or the oils). 

The diffuser made little to no noise (I don't recall noise being a distraction at all). It has settings so you can have it constantly diffusing or diffusing every 30 seconds or so. I kept it on constant diffusion the first time I used it. I placed it on my kitchen counter and had no issue with water getting on the counter or floor from the mist. I don't remember how long it ran (I was busy decorating), but it wasn't more than a few hours. The next time I used the diffuser (a few days later), I tried the intermittent setting. I liked both settings but I think I liked the intermittent setting the best. I noticed even a day after using it (with either setting), the scent was still noticeable (in a good way).

I read online where people put drops of oil on cotton balls and use them as air fresheners. I tried this out in my pantry. I put the lemon oil on two cotton balls and placed them inside my trash can (outside of the bag). I also placed one on the top shelf. It kept the pantry smelling fresh. The lemon oil was one of my favorites. I also really liked the orange oil (it was one of the extras that she included), but since it wasn't in the kit, I wasn't sure if it was still available. But I did like it!

I don't know how many "drops" are in each bottle, but I know that the orange bottle sample was maybe 1/4 full when I got it and it still had some left after I used it for three weeks. Don't let the small bottle size fool you, you get a lot of oil in that little bottle.

I've read testimonies from people swearing that essential oils help them relax when they are stressed out. I personally didn't have great success with that part. I was told to put some of the lavender oil behind my ears and on my wrists and it was supposed to help me calm down if I was dealing with anxiety (back in December I was dealing with A LOT of anxiety). I didn't notice that much of a difference, but maybe I'm beyond help when it comes to being stressed. Lol. Again, I've read too many success stories from people I know personally that this works, so I'm thinking it's just me. :) I did use the diffuser in my room using the lavender oil and it was quite pleasant. Lavender was another oil that I really liked. I can't swear it helped me sleep better but it definitely didn't hurt.

I did not put the oils in any of my drinks nor did I ingest them at all. I read online that it was safe to do that (and even have friends who do it), but I still did not try it. That was just a personal preference, no other reason. 

I did my research and discovered that Young Living Essential Oils are safe to use in homes with animals (dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes, etc). That is good to know in case I ever get a dog (yes, I still want a dog). I know a lot of the scented plug-ins are not safe to use in homes with animals due to the chemicals. These essential oils are a great alternative. They did have some tips on their website for how to use the oils (and how much to use) if you have pets.

Overall, I give Young Living Essential Oils my seal of approval. The variety of scents are pleasant and I like that they are still noticeable even a day after using the diffuser.

**If you are interested in knowing more about Young Living Essential Oils, please check out this representative's page here. There is more information about the oils and you can find her contact information. Randomness With Rachel did not receive any compensation or incentives for mentioning this information.** 


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