Monday, May 19, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 7- Guilty Pleasures

Day 7: Four guilty pleasures.

1. Binge watching TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Most of these are shows I never watched when they were originally on. I'll shamefully admit I'm currently watching Party of Five on Amazon Prime. I never religiously watched that show when it was on back in the 90s, but I would catch an episode here and there. Oh, there is so much drama on it- but it's laughable. But at least once an episode I want to tell Bailey to "man up". Sheesh, he whined so much! 

2. Singing when I'm by myself. For anyone who has heard me sing, you know this is not a pretty thing. This is why I take advantage of it when no one is around. :)

3. Taking a weekend to myself and doing absolutely nothing. I love making plans to have no plans. I have no problem ignoring phone calls or texts so I can sit around and watch TV or read a book.

4. Eating ice cream out of the carton. Hey- I live by myself. Why dirty up a bowl?


1 comment:

  1. Party of 5 was the 2nd best show ever (after 90210). I can't believe you didn't watch it. I LOVED that show. Bailey was such a cutie and I loved the name Lacey!! :)