Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

I thought maybe I needed some motivation to blog every day, so I came up with this 10 Day Blog Challenge (it's not as intimidating as a 30 Day Challenge). Lately I just haven't wanted to blog at all, so I'm hoping this helps. I'm in a "Blogging Funk". I kind of took ideas from other challenges that I saw online to make this one. Feel free to take the challenge as well if you want!

Day 1: 10 things about yourself (which seems to be the first one in every blog challenge out there). Well, here I go (I really tried to think of new things this time).

1. Even though I'm very talkative and a "dictionary description" of what an extrovert should be, there are times where I just want to be by myself and not be social at all.

2. I sometimes hide my problems just so I don't have to bother other people with them. I would much rather help someone else with their problems than talk about my own.

3. When I visit new places, I try and find a historical location or museum to check out while I'm there (I'm a nerd).

4. Even though I can be spontaneous, I usually like making plans in advance, especially when it comes to traveling. :)

5. Even though I like to joke about "The Wrath of Rachel" on social media, deep down I am way more patient than I probably let on. :) VERY FEW people have ever seen me really angry (it's probably for the best). :) I have a dark side, but it's "enjoyable". :)

6. If I have a bad day, a pint of Blue Bell ice cream and reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show will improve my mood at least 99% of the time.

7. Even though I love sports, action movies, and despise anything written or produced by Nicholas Sparks, there are times I like being girly and will watch AN OCCASIONAL chick flick (there is a list of chick flicks I will watch). But I still don't like Nicholas Sparks (okay, with the exception of Safe Haven, because it wasn't your typical Nicholas Sparks mushy crap movie). Even saying that, I will usually pick watching a sporting event over a chick flick, even when I'm having a girly moment. :) I'll just get a mani/pedi while watching the game. :)

8. When I love, I love hard.

9. I will probably die next to a pile of books I intended to read. There never seems to be enough time in my life to just sit and read anymore. 

10. There are certain people who can make me smile just by texting me.

Okay, there you go, ten things about me! Hope you are all doing well!