Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog Challenge Day 5- Ways to Win My Heart

Day 5: Six ways to win your heart. There are probably a lot more things I could list, but then I would look picky. ;) And I'm going to skip the obvious stuff like "love Jesus" and "don't bother me while I'm watching the game". ;)

1. Pray with me. I know that sounds cheesy to some, but seriously, a guy who will lead a prayer, even if it's just before a meal, that's a big deal to me. And when I say prayer, I mean, something from his heart, not your typical "God is great, God is good, thank you for our food" prayer (although that one works when I'm really hungry!) 

2. Learn to love my big, loud, crazy, family. I'll admit, they can be overwhelming at times (especially to those who come from small families), but they grow on you. And my mom will bake you cookies. And pies.

3. Laugh at my jokes. Hey- I'm a funny person, I need a guy to appreciate the comedian that I am (or that I think I am). ;)

4. Know what to do when I have a bad day. It's pretty simple- I need Blue Bell ice cream and reruns of The Dick Van Dyke Show. That will help make it better. Or take me shopping, new shoes help too. :)

5. Don't judge me when I binge watch TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Just pass the popcorn, or find another TV. :)

6. Don't try to constantly "fix" what is wrong. Sometimes just holding me and letting me cry is all the therapy I need. I don't need advice or lectures. I just need a hug (and possibly ice cream). To be on the safe side, always have ice cream nearby, it will never hurt. :)


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