Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Twitter Tuesday: A Look Back...

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. I recently got an archive of all my tweets (yes, scary, Twitter keeps record of all of them). I'll admit, it's been kinda fun going back and seeing some of my old tweets (and seeing when I first started talking to some of my Twitter peeps!) It's also funny to see how little I used Twitter when I first got it back in March of 2009.

Yup, six tweets for the WHOLE MONTH. I send more tweets than that during a Craig Gentry at-bat these days! ;)
I went a couple of months of not using it. Finally worked my way up to seven tweets in June 2009!
Of course, looking back, not much has changed with my tweets! :)

I still talk to Whataburger...
I have always given advice to baseball players. Not necessarily about the game...
I realized early on I had special powers on Twitter...
That was a great game!
I know, Tony Romo and I air our dirty laundry out in the open,  for just anyone to see. That boy, I don't know why I put up with him! I keep hoping my love for him will pay off, one day.
I miss Bengie Molina though!
This is still true. Add Fox to that list. And ESPN.
I still get this way during games...
My tweets the evening the Rangers won the game that sent them to their first World Series (I was too nervous to tweet).
I think this is the tweet where Roxanne St. Claire followed me afterward! :)
I'l still watch a day long NCIS marathon!
Next time Jerry talks, just listen. He says this all the time!
Here is a chart of how often I tweet. I peaked in April 2011 with 2,975 tweets in one month. You'll notice I tweet more during baseball season. :)
Hope everyone is doing well! Been a little out of it lately, I'll get caught up on my blog reading soon, I promise!



  1. Ok you have way too much time on your hands!! :) It must have taken you forever to cut and past all the tweets into this post.

    I couldn't even tell you when I joined twitter but I'm glad I did b/c it is so fun to chat w/ other bloggers!!

  2. Um, this is awesome. I had no idea they archived our tweets! I wanna see mine now!

  3. I like how when you started tweeting you did it like Facebook: Rachel is.....lol!

  4. Wow. I'm a little afraid to go back and look at my early tweets.

  5. This is hilarious. But kind of cool to look back and see!