Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's OK!

It's OK.. tweet and upload pictures to Instagram during a tornado/thunderstorm warning. What can I say, that's how I roll. 

View from my balcony last night, I was trying to get a picture of the lightning
Tornado emergency kit: flashlight, blanket, bottled water, snacks, and Mordecai
Picture from this morning- the calm after the storm
Thankful for a covered parking spot- my car didn't have any storm damage.
...that I'm SUPER EXCITED about the possibility of Kenny Chesney touring with George Strait next year on George's farewell tour. I WILL travel ANY distance to see this concert!

...that I enjoy tweeting while watching Rangers games (some people make fun of me, but hey, it's like watching the game with 1400 of your closest friends)! :) BTW, do you follow me on Twitter? Shameless plug, follow me here. 
I know my bedroom TV looks really small in this picture. It's a 32 inch, but from this angle it looks smaller than my laptop! :)
...that I have fallen off the caffeine wagon and have had TWO Dr Peppers today. I had been so good about only having one a week. Oh well...

...that I'm super excited about seeing my nephew graduate from Texas Tech this weekend, BUT, I'm not excited about the five hour drive to Lubbock. I might be downloading some audio books tonight. That's a long drive of absolutely nothing! I get tired thinking about it!

...that I have no clue what I want to do for my birthday next week.

...that my Ford friends are not going to like this, but this picture made me laugh! :)



  1. Storms are scary - glad all is well. A book on "tape" is a good idea for a long drive. And the drive will be worth it to see the graduation! Then in 2 wks you'll be in Boston!!

  2. Watching games with Twitter is my favorite. Makes me feel like I'm not THAT far away from other Rangers fans. :)