Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's OK!

It's OK...

...that I waited until late in the day evening to update my blog.

...that I go to a lot of Rangers games.

...that when I get bored, I take pictures of myself.

...that I think it's dumb that Twitter tries to get people to buy followers. I get followers with my own awesomeness, thank you very much!

...that it's May 2 and I'm wearing a hoodie and wrapped up in a blanket because it's like 40 degrees outside. I'm about to fix some hot chocolate.

Blog Challenge Update:

Day 25: What is your favorite season?
Does baseball season count? :)

Day 26: If you could have a $1,000 gift card to any place, where would it be?
Target or Best Buy. Maybe Half Price Books. Yes, I could read $1,000 worth of books! :)

Day 27: A picture of your handwriting.
I have terrible handwriting...

And I also never write in cursive, don't know why I did that...
Day 28: A picture of the town you grew up in
Day 29: A picture of the town you live in now
Dallas. Okay, so The Ballpark and Jonestown (Cowboys Stadium) are technically in Arlington. BUT, I'm in Arlington so much it's almost like I live there. :)
Day 30: Something that never fails to make you feel better
Pictures of my sweet nephews C and E! :)
I know, your day has gotten better just by looking at this! :)


  1. Of course baseball season is a season! ;)

  2. Baseball season is definitely a season! And I could totally read $1000 worth of books. :)