Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

So, I've been able to blog regularly for almost two weeks now (hey- baby steps). I THINK I'm gonna try giving this whole post link-up a chance. I'll start it next week, so please tell your friends to check back here next Wednesday for What I'm Loving Wednesday. :) They are welcome to use the button I've created, I'll get a code so anyone who wants to use it can. Or you can just right click, save it, and then use it on your blog. :) We will try this out and see if it works, I would love to find new blogs to follow! I've missed BlogLand. :)

I'm loving..
That we finally got our professional pictures from Christmas. Both of these pictures are courtesy of the photographer, Stacey Reynolds (who has graciously allowed us to post them on social media). :)

E, K, and C love their Aunt Rachel!

I think the photographer just told the kids to attack me with kisses. Lol.

I'm loving...
That it's January and 81 degrees (sorry to my friends who are snowed in up north). Granted it's going to get cold* this weekend, but I'll enjoy the warm sunshine while I can.

*please note that in Texas, anything below 60 is considered cold. ;)

I'm loving...
That I finally spent some time at the gun range last weekend. It had been over two years since I had been shooting. I'm a little rusty, but with practice, I can get better. 
If you know me, you know I don't like discussing politics or any political topics. If you are anti-guns, I respect your opinion, but I ask that you also respect mine. Just trying to keep away from any hate comments or emails. Thanks in advance, much love! XOXO!
I'm loving...
That I spent all of Sunday afternoon and evening reading. I was on page 125 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when I started reading about 1:30 that afternoon, and I ended up finishing it before I went to bed (it is over 700 pages). 

I'm over halfway done with the Harry Potter series now. Just three more left. As promised, I will review all of them once I am done
I'm loving...
That someone has uploaded all four seasons of the TV show Ed to YouTube. Did anyone else watch it? It was about a New York lawyer who moved back to his hometown and bought a bowling alley. He also had a law office inside of the bowling alley. Last week a coworker and I somehow got onto a conversation about how adorable we thought Tom Cavanagh is, and then we mentioned how we wished this show was on Netflix or Amazon Prime (it aired back in like 2000). For some reason I went to YouTube and found the pilot episode. And then I noticed all the episodes were on there. I'm kind of doing a binge watching of it in case for legal reasons it's taken down. **Dear YouTube gods: Please let me finish this show before you remove it. Or better yet, don't remove it. Thank you. Much love.** 

I totally forgot that Justin Long was on this show
Happy halfway through the week! Don't forget to come back next week to link up! :)



  1. If you want I'll host the Wed link up w/ you! It will motivate me to blog too plus then maybe we can get more people!

  2. Well Ed sounds kinda fun. I love it when I can find the things I want on YouTube. Sounds like a good idea to go to the shooting range and learn to defend yourself.