Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's OK...

I know this isn't a real link up anymore, but it's a good fallback to give me a topic so I can actually post twice in the same week!! :)

It's OK...

...that I seem to be the only person who doesn't care about the Oscars (as in the Academy Awards). I care fondly about a lot of Oscars, as in Oscar the Grouch, Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior of the Chelsea Football Club, and even Oscar Wilde. But when it comes to award shows, I just don't care- at all. Also I looked at the nominee list, I hadn't heard of 85% of the movies listed. And the ones I had heard of, I didn't see. Oh well. 

Three Oscars I actually care about...
...that I didn't meet my Reading Challenge last year. I wanted to read 52 books. I only read 30. That was still a good number of books though. I'm doing another reading challenge this year, and I also joined a book club. I'll try to be better about writing book reviews. I failed big time last year with that. I've already read two books this year, I HOPE to post those reviews soon! :) OH, shameless plug to follow me on Goodreads here

The books I read last year
...that I'm more excited than I should be about the movie Sharknado 3. I shall host a watching party at my house whenever it airs. Come on, who doesn't like a bad Syfy movie? :)

...that I was happy that Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell replied to another one of my tweets. He tweeted that he had a Cowboys cap and I told him I wanted a picture of him wearing it. He sent one!

I have to say that Dennis Haskins is the best about talking to fans on social media. He will forever be Mr. Belding to all of us
...that the Cowboys lost last Sunday. Wait, NO, it's NOT okay. Never mind. I don't want to talk about it. Moving on...

...that I'm just randomly posting this picture of my nephews and niece (just because they are too cute).

Aunt Rachel's little Ninja Turtles!

Have a wonderful day my lovely friends!


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