Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

So, I tried to find the blog that once hosted the What I'm Loving Wednesday blog link-up, but it seems that blog is now private. I don't think the phrase is trademarked, so I decided to create my own design for it. Maybe one day if I get back in the regular blogging groove, I'll try to run my own What I'm Loving Wednesday blog link-up (if you would be interested in ever participating in it, comment below or send me a message). :)

I'm loving...
That the New Kids on the Block are touring again this year. I've seen them twice in concert, I'm hoping to make it a third time! I was an adult before I saw them in concert (I wasn't able to go as a kid), so I'm making the most of it now. :) They are coming to Dallas on May 14. 

Some of these pictures were taken at the NKOTB after party that my friend Trish managed to get me and my friends in to. The picture in the center is a close up of Jordan Knight. That was taken moments before he leaned over and hugged me. **Insert 12 year old Rachel squealing here**.

Why yes, I did go all the way to Boston for a NKOTB concert. Oh, and to see my friend Jodi. :) **The close up pictures I stole borrowed from the Internet. Sadly we were not that close, and my camera does NOT zoom THAT well.**
I'm loving...
All the Texas Rangers talk in my Twitter timeline. So good to see some of my favorite local sports media tweeting about the team! Is it baseball season yet? I'm ready! :)

I'm loving...
That I got my taxes filed yesterday! My company sent our W-2s to us electronically yesterday, so I went online to TurboTax last night and filed them (BTW, I love TurboTax, it's inexpensive and easy to use. I've been using them for years). I'm also loving that Turbo Tax notified me when my tax return was received by the IRS. Weehoo! And yes, I already know what my refund is going towards- I'm paying off my credit card. I possibly used it to buy my Rangers season tickets, and some Christmas gifts, so I had a balance on it. By next month, it will be paid off. **happy dance**

I'm loving...
That I actually made an attempt to cook fried chicken and homemade mashed potatoes from scratch. This means without the help of Tyson or "potatoes flakes from a box". I know you, you are all shocked. The chicken was actually a baked "fried" chicken recipe I found on Pinterest (check it out here). I used this mashed potato recipe found here. I need to alter the oven time on the chicken recipe, mine came out a little burnt and crispier than planned, but they didn't taste that bad. Oh, and I learned the hard way to double check serving sizes. I made enough mashed potatoes to feed my family at Thanksgiving. Lol. And, yes, I had to buy a potato masher because I didn't previously own one. Maybe I'm on my way to having my own cooking show....yeah, probably not. :) BUT, I can update my 101 in 1001 list for new recipes!! :)

Just picture proof that I actually did it!
I'm loving...
That speaking of food, I have allowed myself one cheat day a week while I'm on my diet. I read somewhere that is allowed (if it's not true, don't tell me). :) I've been on it 3 weeks so far and am doing well between that and the working out. I should probably not value-size my cheat meals, but I was just so excited, I couldn't help myself. I will gradually reduce the size of my cheat meal. Lol.

And both of these tasted amazing...
I so relate to this
I'm loving...
That I got almost eight hours of sleep last night. I only got three hours of sleep on Sunday night and only two hours on Monday night. I took one of my sleeping pills so I could get a good night's rest (I don't like making a habit of taking those- I haven't taken one in a long time). I forgot how strong they were. I sent the following text to a friend of mine. I'm just glad I didn't send out any texts that I couldn't remember...

I'm loving...
That I will be seeing this guy tomorrow night in concert. I'm super excited. I've liked him since I was five (my Bubba used to play his music all the time!)

If you didn't know this was Billy Joel, please don't tell me! 
Hope everyone has a great day!



  1. I'm not excited about New Kids touring w/ Nelly and TLC. I think it is such a weird match up. I have no interest in seeing the other 2 acts. The groups we saw were way better.

    I'm craving Chick-fil-a right now. I need one closer to me! But that would be bad b/c I would eat it way too often.

    I loved the Wed link up but nobody does it anymore. If you start it I will link up!

  2. Ooh I'd so be in on that link up as well!! Congrats on the Chicken dinner by the way, looks fantastic!

  3. Love reading your blogs, they always make me smile. They are like you are, sweet, honest and joyful.