Monday, January 19, 2015

Mobile Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you for the sweet compliments on the redesign of my blog, I really hope that it motivates me to blog more! :) In an attempt to actually write more book reviews, I've added a page where all my 2015 book reviews can be found. The tab is at the top of the page.

I thought I would fall back on an old "reliable" blog post topic. I haven't done a Mobile Monday in forever (I honestly don't even know if it's still a link up) but anyways, here are some pictures that are on my iPhone. Oh, speaking of phones, I got an new iPhone 6 (which I'm loving). I just got the regular iPhone 6, not the mega iPhone 6 Plus. I really love the battery life on it. SO MUCH BETTER than my old phone. 

Going through my pictures, I realize that I really need to delete a lot of these, I still have photos from months ago on here. I'm so lazy. Anyways....

Interesting tombstone: Seems that Freddy Kruger is buried in the same cemetery as my great-grandmother. Yes, I know it's spelled Krueger in the movies, but still...

I didn't hang around this grave too long...
My trip to Seattle (back in November): My friends Mel, Aaron, and I went to Seattle on vacation. We had a blast. We were there five days and it only rained one of those days. It was awesome!

(L-R) The Seattle Great Wheel and Mount Rainier in the background; at the original Starbucks location; at the Seattle Police Museum (the dress up section was for kids only, I couldn't help myself); at the EMP Museum
At the top of the Space Needle
It seems I have my own beer in Seattle...
Fake Texas Historical Marker: I can't even remember when I took this one but it's still on my phone. If you have traveled around Texas, you have probably spotted these historical markers letting you know how long something has been there, and some history behind it. This was in some store in Fort Worth. It made me laugh. When I get a house, I'm totally buying this.

Random selfie: I think I took this for some Instagram challenge a while back, and then never posted it. So, here you go.

Family Vacation to Galveston after Christmas: I went with a (small portion) of my family to Galveston Island a few days after Christmas. We had a lot of fun!
With my brother-in-law, nephew, and parents (my sister took the picture) at the best seafood restaurant in Galveston. I had chicken (because we all know I don't like seafood). :)
With my sister on the ferry. It was very cold. And very windy.
At the Moody Gardens Ice Land Ice Sculptures. It was 9 degrees- they made you wear special parkas. I don't think I'm cut out for the cold. 
You can't go to Galveston and not take beach pictures. :)
Celebrating the New Year in style!
Chick Fil-A receipt (from College Station): I think they were supposed to remove this from the tray before I got my food. I always thought that everyone at ANY Chick Fil-A just knew it was me (because I'm such a big deal at Chick Fil-A). They would always walk my tray over to me without any doubt. Now I know they have a cheat system. Lol. I think it's funny the person who took my order was named Rachel as well. :) Although at the Chick Fil-A by my office, there is a lady that works there that knows my name and order when I walk in the door. I go to that one a lot. :)

At least it didn't say goofy looking girl in gray T-shirt. Lol.
Baby A's first birthday: I went to Austin a few weeks ago for a birthday party for my BFF's son.

Baby A loved his puzzles and stack-able rings that Aunt Rachel got him. He also loved his new Cowboys book and Rangers onesies. I got them a little big so they will fit perfectly come baseball season. :) 
Breakfast with Miss E: Baby A's big sister and I had breakfast together before I left Austin.

I don't remember why she is so deep in thought. I think she was just ready for pancakes.
Speaking of the BFF...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY!! Today is her birthday. She's 29...again. Which means I can be 29..again. :)

I'm grateful for 26 years of friendship with my best friend Mandy. Despite being thousands of miles apart (okay- only 209 miles), I know she is there if I need her. We've been through each other's good times and bad times, poor fashion choices (mine), and horrible hair styles (again, mine). I'm honored to be Aunt Rachel to her two kids. I hate that we don't get to see each other as much as we would like, but I cherish the time we do get to spend together (as well as the phone calls during our favorite TV show). I'm grateful that she's still in my life after all these years.
This tweet is pretty cool! I did a book review last Friday (click here for it) and the author tweeted out a link for it. :)

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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  1. Did you redesign your own blog? If you did then I had no clue you knew how to do that stuff and I will be impressed!

    The Apple store does the same thing when you check in for your genius apt - they put in the ipad what you are wearing so the person can find you! Pretty smart!