Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's OK....

It's OK...

...that probably over half of the text conversations with my BFF are either Supernatural related, or somehow end up with us talking about Supernatural. We are NOT obsessed, I promise. 

...that I'm going to skip my workout tonight, pick up some take out from Pei Wei, and rent a movie from RedBox. I have a free rental code that expires tonight, so I want to take advantage of it. I also am starving (because I missed lunch) and Pei Wei sounds amazing right now. 

...that I wanted to throw a chair during a meeting at work today. I didn't, but I really wanted to. Sometimes I'm glad that I can control the raging spirit that dwells within me. (Bonus points if you caught The Incredible Hulk reference there).

...that I got a text from a guy friend today that literally made me do this (no need to discuss what the text said). And yes, I sent him this picture. I might send this to him from now on instead of putting #facepalm. Lol.

...that I'm not all that excited about the Super Bowl this year. I've been invited to several watching parties, but I just don't want to go (sorry friends, I still love you!) I'll probably watch the game, but I'm just gonna stay at home by myself and watch it in my PJs. That sounds so much better than putting on real clothes and socializing with people (how horrible does that sound?) Lol.

Happy Thursday my friends!


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