Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's OK...

It's OK...

...that I have possibly been watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix (don't judge). My college roommate and I used to watch this show when it was on originally (back on the good ol' WB). Oh, the teen angst in this show makes it almost unbearable to watch, yet, I'm starting on season 3.

...that I'm a little bothered that due to copyright laws, the intro to the show on Netflix isn't the same as the original. I don't know what this bothers me, but it's just not the same.

Original theme song, "I Don't Wanna Wait"

Netflix intro, "Run Like Mad"

...that I've wasted space on my blog talking about Dawson's Creek.

...that my first thought when I see an ambulance outside my office is "Are the paramedics cute?" Oh, for the record, one of them was kinda cute- he walked by my office area as they were arriving. And for those wondering, the person they were called to check on is doing fine now. :)

...that Miss Kay was possibly my favorite character on the episode of Duck Dynasty last night. She cracks me up!

...that someone got my nephew C a Duck Commander shirt to wear on Duck Dynasty night!
I'll use any excuse to put a picture of one of my sweet boys on here! :)
...that I've had Luke Bryan's new CD on repeat in my car since I bought it yesterday. :)

I think the picture says it all. :) 24 days until Opening Day! randomly put a picture of Craig Gentry on my blog (thank you Chance for texting it to me!)
...that I'm taking tomorrow off work to wait on Time Warner Cable (they installed the wrong DVR so they are coming back to replace it with the correct one). This might count as a strike against them, BUT, they did admit it was their mistake and (obviously) are not charging me for the visit. Hopefully I will use this time off to actually unpack and not sit on my butt watching Netflix (like I did last weekend). I've had a case of laziness lately. One of these days I'll get my apartment unpacked and decorated (and yes, I will post pictures). 

...that I'm proud of myself for getting up early every day this week and working out (thank you Turbo Jam). I'm trying hard to get my workout done in the morning so I can keep my evenings free for all the dates I'm going on all the TV I have to watch. I live SUCH an exciting life, right?

What's OK with you today??



  1. I used to love Dawson's creek I have not seen that in years!

  2. I flipping LOVE Dawson's Creek!!! Gosh, I used to have the biggest crush on Pacey. Lol. And yay for you for getting up early! I did once and failed the rest of the week. But there's still tomorrow! :)

  3. My office is moving right now! So I'll be unpacking tomorrow. Good times. Oh and I've been really busy w/ dates too that is why I don't have time to clean my house! ;)

  4. Sweet photos, Rachel! And I love that baseball poster (poster??) Anyway, it's a smart person's sport!! :-)

    Have a great weekend.