Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's OK...

It's OK...

...that I redesigned my blog, but I'm not sure how I like it. We'll see if it grow on me. Any thoughts? Suggestions? I'm too cheap lazy to pay someone to do it, so I can only use what Blogger provides. I may or may not have worked on this during my lunch break so I was a little rushed.

...that I keep forgetting to tell people I'm now on Bloglovin'. Hey y'all, I'm now on Bloglovin'. Click here for my page.

...that I did some heavy duty stalking investigating to find out who the guy was on the "It's Not Complicated" AT&T commercials. Those are the ones that have the guy talking to the little kids. I love those commercials. I read an article that they have scripts, but most of the time, the kids come up with better stuff, so they use those in the commercials. If you haven't seen any, check out the videos below.
Beck Bennett

...that I'm gonna have to buy a new adapter for my laptop.
Yeah, this adapter has seen better days...
 ...that I NEVER knew this. Man, third grade math would have been so much simpler if I had. Actually, third grade was probably the last time I was any good in math! ;)

...that Ryan Gosling is taking a break from acting. My freezer is stocked up with ice cream to help me get through this time.

...that ever since my incident, I can't watch Criminal Minds at night. I record it and watch it later during the day. Don't judge. be not so patiently waiting for my Amazon gift card that I ordered last week (courtesy of my company, I got it for my five year anniversary). I already have stuff waiting in my Amazon shopping cart, ready to purchase as soon as the gift card arrives!

 ...that I'm like a kid waiting on Christmas when it comes to Opening Day. 10 more days people, 10 more days!!

...that sometimes a phone call from my best friend is all I need to feel better.

Happy Thursday! For more It's OK posts, click here!



  1. I like the new is kind of Rangers Blue.
    I would never judge you for Criminal Minds. I my judge you for your insane Duck Dynasty love...but you know...I am CRAY!

  2. New design looks great! The math thing is funny-- that's exactly how I was taught to do it! Sad about Ryan Reynolds, but I think he's right. He's been in A LOT of movies the last few years.

  3. That is so nice that your company did that! I love the new design!

  4. Nothing is better than phone chats with best friends! That always make me feel better!

    Hope your gift card is there soon! :)

  5. Google "free blog layouts" or something along those lines. That's where I got mine and it told me how to insert it!

    Also loveee the AT&T commercials. They're great.

    And finally, I'm learning how to teach math right now so just TODAY, we talked about the 9s multiplication trick. That's so funny that you just posted it!

  6. I'm liking the new blog look! And seriously, the AT&T commercials are the best!!