Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching up!

I know, I know, I keep saying I will be better about updating my blog. It seems to be a "pie crust promise -easily made, easily broken." I'll send you a $100 bill if you can tell me what movie that line from. Okay, I'm lying, I won't send you $100- BUT, I'll send you a PICTURE of a $100 bill if you tell me what movie that is from. ;)

I decided to spend this post sharing some randomness that has been in my life recently. Are you ready?

1. I've lost count on how many Rangers games I've attended this season, I'll have to check my ticket stubs at home, but it's at least 12. I'm actually going tonight, and Wednesday! My Texas. My Rangers! :)

This was used a few years ago for an advertising campaign. Still one of my favorites! ;)
2. Speaking of the Rangers, I have a new baseball crush (for those of you who follow me on Twitter, yes, I realize I pretty much am crushing on the whole team- with a few exceptions). It's no secret to my regular readers (and "tweethearts" as I call them) of my on-again-off-again crush on pitcher C.J. Wilson (it's actually off right now- even though I still think he's really good looking!) He has been replaced by outfielder Craig Gentry (**insert sigh here**). Sorry C.J. ;) 

Me and Craig Gentry at Rangers Fanfest in January. I must say that he smelled really nice (just something I notice about a guy). :)
3. EXCITING NEWS! I got a promotion and raise at work!! I actually just found out about it today. Funny story how I found out- my boss sent me an IM (we have an inner-office instant messaging system here) and she said, "I need to see you in my office when you have a free moment." GULP. Usually she uses smiling faces or other "emoticons" when she sends IMs, so it concerned me a little that was all it said. I get in her office and she tells me to close the door (something we never do unless it's my yearly review time. Or we are gossiping. I mean, we don't gossip, what are you talking about?) She sighed and was like, "I've been following up on you for a while now and have been noticing some things." Then she said, "I feel we need to talk about it." Insert panic mode here- my heart might have stopped. At this point she busted out laughing. She was like, "girl, you are getting a promotion and raise, I was just trying to freak you out." Rachel's heart starts beating normally again. I love my boss, she is great. I'm going to be doing exactly what I have been doing, I just now have a fancy title and more money to go with it. **insert happy white girl dance here** I guess being too busy at work has paid off (literally!) :)

4. I've been watching the later seasons of The Waltons on INSP and I must say, I'm not really a fan of "John Boy 2.0". After season 5, Richard Thomas (the original John Boy) left the show. For two seasons the character was written out of the main storyline. In season 8 they decided to bring back the character- but he was portrayed by Robert Wightman (no offense Mr. Wightman, I just prefer Richard Thomas). Yes, I like The Waltons and Dick Van Dyke, and I also cross stitch. I'm a 80 year old trapped in a 25 year old body. Okay, I'm not really 25, but I would like to think I have the body of one! ;) 
Robert Wightman, John Boy 2.0
My friend Mel and I got to meet Richard Thomas a few years ago when he was in town for a play. SUPER NICE guy! Of all the celebrities I've met, he's probably one of the nicest!
 5. I love the interviews that my friend Katie's future husband Tim Tebow has been doing to promote his new book, "Through My Eyes". He is an awesome guy! And what an amazing story!

6. I still really want tickets to the NKOTBSB concert on June 26 at the AAC. If anyone has free ones, let me know!! ;) (Okay, so, I WANT tickets, I just don't want to pay for them). ;) Yes, I know that NKOTB are no longer as young as I remember them being, but still, the 12 year old Rachel inside of me wants to go! :) Together my friends, we can make this happen!!

If not for me, for 12 year old Rachel!!

7. I saw Fast Five over my birthday weekend. You must be asking yourself: will I ever get tired of seeing Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in a movie about cars? The answer is no, no I will not! ;)

Nope, doesn't get old at all. ;)
8. I got to hang out with one of my besties last Friday night. A lot has changed in the recent years of our friendship (not necessarily for the worse, just different), but one thing still remains the same: we both still think that Tom Welling is really, really hot. ;)
9. I've been slowly working on my World Series 2010 scrapbook. I got a few pages done yesterday. I always forget how time consuming it can be. I spent like 6 hours working on it and only got 3 pages done! Oh well!! :)
One day I'll have this thing completed!
10. I mentioned before I'm going to the Rangers game tonight. Some friends and I made signs. Look for me on TV, this is one of them. 

Rules for doing the wave (if you absolutely feel that you must): You do NOT do the wave when the home team is up to bat. EVER. NO EXCEPTIONS. You do NOT do the wave during a close game (if the lead isn't more than 7 runs, don't do it).
Hope everyone is having a great day!! Peace, love and Rangers wins!!



  1. Love the video of my man!! :) And I'm so bummed that I'm not going to the game with y'all tonight! :( Of course, I'll feel like I'm there with your tweeting. Hahaha.

  2. Your whole post cracks me up! I love scrapbooking but yes it is SO time consuming which is one reason I haven't done it in so long. It is also expensive and blogging is free! I agree about the wave rules. I hate when people at Fenway do it when the Sox are at bat. Really people? Really? And I can't believe your boss did that to you. Ugh. I would have died. Glad you got good news (and more money even better) but your boss deserves a good trick played on her now!!!

  3. YankeeInTexas7June 06, 2011

    have fun at the game tonight.

    the quote is from Mary Poppins

    congratulations on the promotion and raise.

  4. So much to say about this post, I love it! First of all, we all love that your an 80-year old in a young body- its why we love you;-) And I am still looking for free tickets to NKOTB as well. I dont understand why no one has come forward and given me any...;-) CONGRATS on your raise and promotion, you are awesome!

  5. Yay! My twin got a raise and a promotion! I guess that means I'm about to! Well, get a raise anyway. Can't get a promotion. A raise is enough. :)

    Mary Poppins! I love that movie!

    My friend Ashley is going to marry Tim Tebow. She's told me multiple times. So Katie will have to get over it..... ;)