Friday, May 6, 2011


What a week! I'm so glad it's Friday! As soon as I get off work today, I'm heading to my folks for Mother's Day weekend! Looking forward to some family time!

So, it's been a while since I participated in Five Question Friday, so I thought it was time I linked up again!

1. Have you ever had a roommate?
Yes, when I was in college (and then two years right after college). When I first moved to Dallas, one of my former college roommates and I had an apartment together for about a year before I moved into the apartment I live in now. Right now my only roommate is Mordecai*.

2. How many names do you have (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt)? 
I just have three. My first name, my middle name and my last  name. I did graduate high school with a girl who had 6 middle names (I'm not lying). I don't remember them all, but it took up two lines in our graduation program.

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?
No. Well, I saw about 10 seconds of it when I turned on WFAA to watch the morning news only to realize ABC had been hijacked by wedding coverage. No offense to William and Kate, I wish them all the joy and happiness in their marriage, but I just didn't see the appeal. Weddings just aren't a big deal to me. Maybe I'm not THAT girly. If my mother wouldn't kill me, I would totally elope whenever Joe Mauer and I get eventually married (like how I threw that in?) ;) He's tall, loves baseball and has cute ears (we've established my ears fetish in previous posts). And come on, how can you not love a guy who makes a milk commercial with his mom?? Too sweet!! <3

4. What is the messiest room in your house?
My bedroom, hands down. It's because I have so much crap junk stuff. Also, my bookcases won't fit in the living room, so both of them are in my bedroom. And seeing that I have more books than space, I have books stacked up around my room (and right now I have my scrapbooking stuff in the corner. I've been working on my World Series scrapbook from last year). I know what you are going to say. Get a (insert electronic book reader name here). I've tried reading on a Nook. There is just something about having an actual book in my hands when reading that makes it better. Maybe it's the feel and smell of a real book, I don't know. I know, I know, I'm weird.

5. What is your ideal Mother's Day?
Since I don't have kids, I can't answer this one. 

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So, I realized this morning that 11 years ago today, I was attending my college graduation. Where does the time go?? I leave you with this "gem" of a picture!! Yes, yes, my hair was very blonde. Have a great weekend y'all!! XOXO!

Class of 2000! Look how young and carefree I was! What was I thinking?

*Mordecai is my teddy bear


  1. I have more books than I care to admit to! :) I try to avoid bookstores...and I *think* the local library is having their "Friends of the Library" does me no good to go anywhere near that place during a book sale! Although, I tend to gravitate towards the children's lit.

    Have fun with your family this weekend! :)

  2. no interest here either! lol! new follower! happy friday!

  3. no interest here either! lol! new follower! happy friday!

  4. Who on earth needs six middle names? Can the parents even keep them straight?

  5. I'm the same way about books. I tried a Kindle but didn't like it at all.

    ps-- hope you clean out enough space for me to fit in less than 2 weeks! ;)

  6. I can only imagine graduation with six names that would be long come see my answers at

  7. huh, I'd guessed you were much older with such a love of old films.

  8. You look gorgeous as a blonde too- love it! And I agree about the royal wedding- love that its a great story but it leaves me wondering how much of the millions could have been used in a better way!