Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I know, I'm a day late, BUT I was spending the weekend with my mom, so I have a good excuse why I wasn't online yesterday. :) I got home last night from my folks, and went into "veg mode", not wanting to do anything except sit and watch TV, so I didn't get a chance to log on my blog! I hope all of you moms (or those acting in the place of a mom) had a great day!

My weekend went great. You know I love family time. Got to spend Mother's Day with my mom and my two sisters. Oh yes, I have pictures!!

My mom with her three daughters. I didn't realize we were taking pictures, I had already changed out of my church clothes (no, I did NOT wear my Oak Ridge Boys Elvira shirt to church!) :)

Me and my momma!
Me with my sisters.

My great-nephew C with his Gigi. My mom got sunburned on Saturday while she was outside working at a bake sale (no pun intended). All these years she's told me to wear sunscreen when I go outside, and she forgot!! ;)

My great-nephew E showing Gigi her new oven mitts.
C playing with Aunt Mary 

E is ready for lunch...and a nap! :)



  1. it looks like ya'll had a great day! cute blog girl! :)

  2. Your poor mom and her sunburn-ouch:-( Love the pictures, though! I can tell you have a great family

  3. Sounds like a relaxing mothers day, that's how it should be! Cheers!

  4. Your mom must have been so happy to have you there! Great pix.